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the 3 resi tower just north of C3 and not to forget the 20storey south of C5.
sales for these units will proceed in next 12 months

R3=50STOREYS/175M (23,500sqm)
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....5853/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....37d2/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....87969184d69cc6b0f1/Architectural Drawings.pdf

the 3 resi towers (R3,R4,R5)

R7 Tower

some latest renders

Barangaroo apartment sales next step for Lend Lease

Read more:

LEND Lease is looking to start sales of the residential tower at Sydney's $6 billion Barangaroo South project within the next two years, after securing funding for the project.

Aside from the three office towers, casino and hotel, about 775 to 800 apartments are planned for the site. The apartments could have an asking price of $1 million-plus.

After lengthy talks, the group said that New South Wales government superannuants in First State Super and the Telstra Super fund would be direct financiers of the $2 billion Barangaroo South project.

The two funds are included in the syndicate with the Lend Lease-managed Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial that will take a combined $500 million stake in the construction of the development.

Advertisement The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board will invest $1 billion and Lend Lease will make up the remaining $500 million, funded by internal cash flow, not by shareholders.

Westpac, KPMG and Lend Lease are the confirmed anchor tenants for the first two office towers, at an average rental of $1000 a square metre, with about 20 per cent of the rent as incentives. It is speculated that accounting firm PwC could take out the anchor space for the 3rd tower.
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$1m plus as a starting point, I gather.
Re upwards' question post 26:
R7 & R1; will anything replace them or will the sites become pocket parks or something?
Really? Not a very big site. I was hoping for something a little more prepossessing and outstanding.
AND R1! That's more like it.
Back there it just said R7 and I was about to have a whinge about it not fronting to the water as well as being too small for anything significant, but the combined site is much better, tho' it does cross a street so it'll be elevated over it? (Boy! what a hodgepodge of a sentence!)
I've had a hardcopy of the plan and have been trying to figure out what could be done there, but with the 2 sites greater possibilities open up.
I think he means the CU, including the building, are to be on the combined R1-R7 site, not separated.
I assume the street will be subsumed into the site or go under the site.
Now, if I could just win Lotto...
As BC said: so much better than I feared they might be. R9 by Andersons of PTW is worthy enough but R8 by FJMT is the beauty with its eye-catching tower turn which anchors the end of the block with a visual & architectural exclamation mark. Even like the brown block of FJMT's complex.

I see the covered walkway is much more modest is appearance and size.

I'm tempted to use the pattern of an email I received from An African Country which began "God has told me that you have to send me $US5000..."
Am contemplating using that technique to see if I can get a couple of mill to buy one of these apartments.

Strong off-the-plan interest for Lend Lease's Barangaroo residential hub

By Nicola Trotman
Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The first two apartment buildings of the Barangaroo development on Sydney’s CBD waterfront have attracted strong preliminary registration interest since the planning applications were submitted in November last year by Lend Lease.

By the time the apartments go on sale later this year, Lend Lease have estimated a 10,000 plus enquiry pool.

Lend Lease has appointed CBRE as the lead selling agent for the residential community which is dubbed the most significant Sydney CBD waterfront residential offerings since the release of apartments at Circular Quay and Woolloomooloo in the 1990s.

"The level of enquiry is above anything we have seen in the last 20 years for new apartments on the harbour from East Circular Quay to Walsh Bay," CBRE’s chairman of residential projects Justin Brown told The Financial Review.

Property Observer first reported on the two apartment buildings in November.

The two apartment buildings will range in height from seven to 11 storeys and comprise of 159 apartments of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.


The 47 one-bedroom apartments will range from about $1 million and the 100 two-bedroom units will be priced from $2 million.

Also on offer will be 11 dual-level luxury loft apartments and one double floor penthouse.

The apartments are the work of Richard Francis-Jones of FJMT and Andrew Andersons of PTW.

PTW & Andersons

The 10-storey building designed by Francis-Jones includes a striking cloud-shaped design for the apartments and balconies at the north of the 82-apartment building overlooking the new public square and harbour cove.

The 77-apartment, eight-storey building designed by Andrew Andersons includes substantial rooftop gardens and green plantings.

Brown says the Baranagaroo develop is Sydney’s last significant CBD waterfront residential offering.

“These contemporary-designed apartments offer the quintessential Sydney Harbour living experience,” says Wilson.

The apartments are scheduled for release later this year and have an expected completion date of mid-2015.

pix hosted x photobucket
On the principle of "if you're going to want, want the lot": Let's go all the way and have great buildings that are architectural wonders. Some of those indicative images on the Crown entries looked interesting for starters & it should be a given that high standards are maintained from the major towers down to the public toilets and bus/tram? stops.
It's OK. I can handle it!
I'd not be too disappointed with a couple of the indicative designs shown in the competition entries: at least they are a starting point.
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Sleek is the word we are looking for here. Very sleek!
How about the two 'losing' architects get to design one of the apartment towers each?
Gee, there's going to be some very pissed off people around here if the govt does the unthinkable and supports Echo's latter day attempt to preempt Crown.
I expect 'donations' will be flying around like bush flies in summer.
Hmmnnn......[thinks]...I'll get back to you on that.
GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!! Same article posted simultaneously, Sky just a fraction of a second before me.


Green light for Barangaroo apartments

July 5, 2013 - 6:43PM
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Stephen Nicholls
Property Editor

An artists impression of Alexander, designed by Andrew Andersons of PTW, at Barangaroo South.

A day after James Packer’s casino at Barangaroo won government backing, the first two residential buildings at Barangaroo South have been given the green light.

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure approved the $100 million buildings, known as R8 and R9, on Friday saying they achieved ‘‘design excellence’’ and ‘‘are appropriate for a waterfront setting’’.

An artists impression of how the two buildings will look.

To be built by Lend Lease, the R8 building will be 11 storeys and include 82 apartments and ground floor retail space, while R9 will be nine storeys and include 77 apartments and a retail area.

Chris Wilson, the department’s Executive Director for Development Assessment Systems and Approvals, said the approval would assist in the ongoing renewal of the Barangaroo site.

“The buildings were reviewed by the NSW Government Architect’s Office, which found they achieve design excellence and are appropriate for a waterfront setting,” Mr Wilson said.

An artists impression of Anadara, designed by Richard Francis-Jones of fjmt.

“They will provide housing close to transport and employment and the department is satisfied the construction of the buildings will have no detrimental amenity or environmental impacts.

“Around 600 full-time jobs will be created during the construction of the residential buildings and an estimated 135 jobs will be ongoing following the completion of the project.”

Mr Wilson said the bulk and scale of the buildings and site remediation were considered.

“This project is consistent with the previously approved concept plan for Barangaroo and also meets objectives in the draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney as it will create much needed dwellings for Sydney’s growing population.”

Lend Lease’s Barangaroo South Managing Director, Andrew Wilson, said the firm was ‘‘absolutely delighted’’ to win the government approvals.

‘‘They represent Sydney’s most significant CBD waterfront residential offerings since the release of apartments at Circular Quay and Woolloomooloo in the 1990s,’’ Mr Wilson said.

He said that “Anadara’’, designed by Richard Francis-Jones of fjmt, has a ‘‘curvaceous cloud-like form’’, while Alexander, created by PTW’s Andrew Andersons, is a tribute to its maritime setting.

“The apartment buildings epitomise the best in Sydney Harbour living,’’ Mr Wilson said.

“With their sensational contemporary designs celebrating the harbour, the buildings take full advantage of the spectacular location.

“The design excellence process that the buildings have gone through has led to an outstanding outcome and has placed Lend Lease in a good position to launch the buildings early Spring.”

CBRE chairman Justin Brown, whose company is selling the apartments, said on Friday: "The events of the last week will see this to be the most significant development of the Sydney CBD since the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge."

He has previously said that the level of inquiry in the apartments is above anything he’d seen in the past 20 years. One-bedroom apartments will reportedly be priced from $1 million with two-bedders from about $2 million.

There will eventually be 700 apartments at Barangaroo South.

Mr Brown has said that one ‘‘super penthouse’’ at the Packer casino could fetch more than $40 million, because of its quality, views, location and facilities.
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I guess it's too late to hope for a Lotto win...
fin review

High demand for luxury million-plus apartments

A sell-out is expected this morning at Barangaroo when Lend Lease’s luxury apartments open to the public for sale at 8 o’clock.

∟full article x subscription or kind donation...

§ Posted Saturday 31 aug at 7.25 a.m. EST.
nb: Brizer will not be one of those clamouring for one of these apartments due to circumstances beyond his control.
Parks are not a waste of space: their function is to provide open space, recreation, quiet space, somewhere to sit and watch the world go by, to look at plants, to smell nature, etc.
Their aim is not to provide profit of the monetary type but the soul type. Given the number of dwellings and offices/shops going up there, any bit of green is a 'blesséd relief' for the human animals.
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