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Construction | BARANGAROO | One Sydney Harbour | 72st/247m, 68st/230m, 30st/104m | Residential | U/C

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the 3 resi tower just north of C3 and not to forget the 20storey south of C5.
sales for these units will proceed in next 12 months

R3=50STOREYS/175M (23,500sqm)
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....5853/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....37d2/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....87969184d69cc6b0f1/Architectural Drawings.pdf

the 3 resi towers (R3,R4,R5)

R7 Tower

some latest renders

Barangaroo apartment sales next step for Lend Lease

Read more:

LEND Lease is looking to start sales of the residential tower at Sydney's $6 billion Barangaroo South project within the next two years, after securing funding for the project.

Aside from the three office towers, casino and hotel, about 775 to 800 apartments are planned for the site. The apartments could have an asking price of $1 million-plus.

After lengthy talks, the group said that New South Wales government superannuants in First State Super and the Telstra Super fund would be direct financiers of the $2 billion Barangaroo South project.

The two funds are included in the syndicate with the Lend Lease-managed Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial that will take a combined $500 million stake in the construction of the development.

Advertisement The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board will invest $1 billion and Lend Lease will make up the remaining $500 million, funded by internal cash flow, not by shareholders.

Westpac, KPMG and Lend Lease are the confirmed anchor tenants for the first two office towers, at an average rental of $1000 a square metre, with about 20 per cent of the rent as incentives. It is speculated that accounting firm PwC could take out the anchor space for the 3rd tower.
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I like how the designs of the resi's gradually go from the IT design to the Crown design. Still wish Crown was 300m though.
I think thats a bit of a surprise for me in how they have managed to gel it in. This is also consistent too with the need for the towers to not compete with each other and let Crown lead the way.
gee the resi towers look very detailed for being envelopes lol
they have twin blades above roof like the office towers have, looks good

This is great Cul, thanks for posting.

Gives us confirmation / assurances about some of the materials and uses at street level.

1. Southern cove is gone. This is a logical decision with the relocation of the hotel from the pier to north of where the cove was to be. I imagine there will be a fair amount of shadowing.
2. The area between Crown and FJMT's Andara appears to be a tiered wooden boardwalk, not a beach as some had proclaimed. Not the sort of place you'd want to encourage people to swim.
3. Mini pier at Crown appears to be for water taxis. You'd expect it to also be used to treat visiting celebrities / VIPs with harbour cruises too.
4. Ferry terminal has four berthings, so obviously TfNSW is planning for most services in the existing network to stop at Barangaroo.

Other things to note, but it's difficult to say what they represent;
1. Does anyone else see a small building just north of Andara and west of IT1? I wonder if this will be a Visitor Information Centre or similar?
2. The top floors of the two residential buildings are double height. Sky bar/restaurant or super luxe penthouses? In the current market, methinks the latter.

As an aside COME ON, WE WENT TO SEE THE DA ALREADY! They've used new renders on hoardings, the Barangaroo South website and in advertising on the AFR website. The only place we haven't seen it is the DP&I website!
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the tallest looks 235m and middle tower about 200m.
Hopefully the 96m tower has a creative license via an architectural feature and sneaks over the 100m mark (if only so I can add it to the Sydney Projects Rundown 100m+ list).

Who would have thought we'd be in line for 4 x 200m towers at Barangaroo??!!
i dont see the bamboo bowl which is going to be built near the ferry wharves and King Street Wharf in the render.:):)

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I hope it gets ditched. It is better placed in a jungle.
I like it. It'll add some variety to our concrete jungle.
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Hopefully the 96m tower has a creative license via an architectural feature and sneaks over the 100m mark (if only so I can add it to the Sydney Projects Rundown 100m+ list).

Who would have thought we'd be in line for 4 x 200m towers at Barangaroo??!!
well hopefully we will find out soon. supposed to be this week, looks like next week:bash:
the stage1 enevlopes maybe be massing and have no roof features like we see in latest renders. so the 3 heights we hear- 96m,190m, 225m could be roof heights only, may end up with 10m roof features.?
incredible actually.:banana:
I like the Bamboo Bowl too.
I'm with Fabs, not particularly a fan of the bamboo bowls. Reminds me more of one Subway footlong on top of another.
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When is work due to commence on the small residential's on the water in front of ITs?
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new render on hoarding

these towers look increasing taller. more like 200m and 235m?

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I'm noticing too in that second render, it looks like they rise above a shared podium.
if the resi towers are that height, then Crown is higher then 250m ;)
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So when should we hear about Crown specs? By the end of the year, right?

Also, what about the resi towers design and specs? (I don't mind this design, if they keep it)
looks like that pavilion has walkable roof! reminds me a little of the cultural centre from the original proposal where crown is now?
sky- new render is stuck on hoarding at brangaroo, infront of IT2 site

beepbeep- the new masterplan for crown and resi towers are to be lodged any day now
To me, it feels like that the designs have been finalised, even though we are still awaiting the formal lodgement of the D/A for each residential tower.

It is nice though that they are giving the Sydney community a great idea of what to expect with the apartment towers.

The aqua blue colour does reflect its harbourside setting. :)
If master plan is only to be lodged and is potentially yet to be amended after input from interested parties - how final are residential towers really?
They don't look bad but is it worth going into excitement over their design and detailed features atm?
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