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Construction | BARANGAROO | One Sydney Harbour | 72st/247m, 68st/230m, 30st/104m | Residential | U/C

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the 3 resi tower just north of C3 and not to forget the 20storey south of C5.
sales for these units will proceed in next 12 months

R3=50STOREYS/175M (23,500sqm)
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....5853/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....37d2/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....87969184d69cc6b0f1/Architectural Drawings.pdf

the 3 resi towers (R3,R4,R5)

R7 Tower

some latest renders

Barangaroo apartment sales next step for Lend Lease

Read more:

LEND Lease is looking to start sales of the residential tower at Sydney's $6 billion Barangaroo South project within the next two years, after securing funding for the project.

Aside from the three office towers, casino and hotel, about 775 to 800 apartments are planned for the site. The apartments could have an asking price of $1 million-plus.

After lengthy talks, the group said that New South Wales government superannuants in First State Super and the Telstra Super fund would be direct financiers of the $2 billion Barangaroo South project.

The two funds are included in the syndicate with the Lend Lease-managed Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial that will take a combined $500 million stake in the construction of the development.

Advertisement The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board will invest $1 billion and Lend Lease will make up the remaining $500 million, funded by internal cash flow, not by shareholders.

Westpac, KPMG and Lend Lease are the confirmed anchor tenants for the first two office towers, at an average rental of $1000 a square metre, with about 20 per cent of the rent as incentives. It is speculated that accounting firm PwC could take out the anchor space for the 3rd tower.
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Cheers mate. I'm going to move to Sydney CBD because I love the idea of high density living... Barangaroo might just be an option!

Gee you must be rich!
And it used to be called a Hungry Mile ...
Why can't it look something like this

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I would prefer if the residential towers were each around 175m-200m.
Why can't it look something like this

I'm not sure I am a fan TBH. I am off on travels in June for 2 months and will stop in Singapore on the way back for a few days. I will get up close and personal with it and see if I change my mind.
I'm not sure I am a fan TBH. I am off on travels in June for 2 months and will stop in Singapore on the way back for a few days. I will get up close and personal with it and see if I change my mind.
I am talking about something with character. Something recognizable. Something to add to Opera House and Harbour Bridge. You see that picture and you say - Singapore. No mistake. Look at what is proposed so far for Barangaroo ... yeah, its okay ... more of the same "nothing to write home about"
Sorry misunderstood you, Yes I totally agree with you!
You see that picture and you say - Singapore. No mistake.
You do? I don't.
Put that in front of the average joe and they would say Dubai
You do? I don't.
Put that in front of the average joe and they would say Dubai
Yeah, education is not a strong point of average joe's. Try average Li.

Barangaroo’s harbourside apartments represent the most significant Sydney CBD waterfront residential offerings since the release of apartments at Circular Quay and Woolloomooloo in the 1990s, CBRE’s Chairman – Residential Projects Justin Brown said today.

“The Barangaroo development is also Sydney’s last significant CBD waterfront residential offering. It is a very exciting opportunity,” Mr Brown added.

His comments follow Lend Lease’s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) authorising CBRE to respond to sales enquiries for the first two apartment buildings to be released at Barangaroo. The MoU also confirms Lend Lease’s intention to appoint CBRE to deliver the sales strategy and act as the lead Australian selling agent for the two buildings. An Agency Agreement between Lend Lease and CBRE is currently being drafted.

Discussing the MoU, Lend Lease’s Managing Director for Barangaroo South Andrew Wilson said: “The CBRE team has proven expertise in the Sydney luxury apartment market and we are delighted to be partnering with the company.

“The apartments have already attracted considerable interest since the planning applications were submitted.”

The two apartment buildings are located along the Barangaroo waterfront and comprise 159 apartments, all with Harbour views. They vary in height from seven to 11 storeys and contain a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments, including eleven dual-level luxury loft apartments and one double floor penthouse. Both buildings draw inspiration from the wharves, which originally projected out into East Darling Harbour. The northern building, designed by Richard Francis-Jones, includes a striking cloud-shaped design for the apartments and balconies at the north of the building overlooking the new public square and harbour cove. The southern building, designed by Andrew Andersons, includes substantial rooftop gardens and green plantings.

“These contemporary-designed apartments offer the quintessential Sydney Harbour living experience,” Mr Wilson said. “They are stylish, exclusive and take advantage of their spectacular location.”

The apartments are scheduled to go on sale later this year and will be completed in 2015.

To register interest, please visit or phone 1800 882 883.

For further information contact:
Greg Flynn, Media & External Communications Manager, Barangaroo South Tel: 02 9237 5197
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just another couple of renders i previously posted, as to where we r going with the first 2 residentials due for completion in 2015...

when the plans for the Crown hotel are announced we should also find out more about the tall residential towers.



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these look awesome.
yes the tall resi towers are being reconfigured as we speak. as soon as crown towers location is finalised.
Considering ''space'' is an issue with the hotel being moved back to land, could we end up losing the shortest of the residential towers north of International Towers?

If Crown provides 20 to 30 floors of residential apartments atop the hotel, perhaps the rest of the 130m tower can be added to one of the taller residential towers?
How many apartments will the tall towers have?
Why can't it look something like this

I agree it's a bit disappointing seeing the conservative and pedestrian approach we have taken ... the concepts had some life in them and I'd still rather see what I came up with put here. I just don't see the once in 100 year site developed to the standards of a world city.

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That's radical. :)

Have you ever thought of showcasing your visions in the one thread because that would get us all talking.
How many apartments will the tall towers have?
Barangaroo is slated for around 1,000 apartments - up to 800 in Barangaroo South. 159 of those will be in buildings R8 and R9 (posted on this page by upwards). Early works for Crown suggest it will have a residential component with 75 apartments. That leaves about 775 apartments for the rest of Barangaroo.

There are a couple of other smaller residential buildings proposed for the southern side of the cove at Barangaroo South. Assuming they are a similar size to R8 and R9, that's another 150 residential apartments. This leaves 625 residential apartments proposed for the three 100m+ residential towers. Though this could change with the Barangaroo South masterplan (because of Crown).
Haha Fabian, that's been posted 1000 times already. Any excuse for me to repost it is good. I'd really have like to see some radical integration of the site with the water and buildings, like the fingers in the concept.
Where will all the cafes, bars and restaurants be located?
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