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Construction | BARANGAROO | One Sydney Harbour | 72st/247m, 68st/230m, 30st/104m | Residential | U/C

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the 3 resi tower just north of C3 and not to forget the 20storey south of C5.
sales for these units will proceed in next 12 months

R3=50STOREYS/175M (23,500sqm)
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....5853/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....37d2/Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf
https://majorprojects.affinitylive....87969184d69cc6b0f1/Architectural Drawings.pdf

the 3 resi towers (R3,R4,R5)

R7 Tower

some latest renders

Barangaroo apartment sales next step for Lend Lease

Read more:

LEND Lease is looking to start sales of the residential tower at Sydney's $6 billion Barangaroo South project within the next two years, after securing funding for the project.

Aside from the three office towers, casino and hotel, about 775 to 800 apartments are planned for the site. The apartments could have an asking price of $1 million-plus.

After lengthy talks, the group said that New South Wales government superannuants in First State Super and the Telstra Super fund would be direct financiers of the $2 billion Barangaroo South project.

The two funds are included in the syndicate with the Lend Lease-managed Australian Prime Property Fund Commercial that will take a combined $500 million stake in the construction of the development.

Advertisement The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board will invest $1 billion and Lend Lease will make up the remaining $500 million, funded by internal cash flow, not by shareholders.

Westpac, KPMG and Lend Lease are the confirmed anchor tenants for the first two office towers, at an average rental of $1000 a square metre, with about 20 per cent of the rent as incentives. It is speculated that accounting firm PwC could take out the anchor space for the 3rd tower.
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Look above you at the renders posted by upwards. Most likely the bars and restaurants will be along the harbour in this building, continuing the success of Kings Street Wharf to the south.
Look above you at the renders posted by upwards. Most likely the bars and restaurants will be along the harbour in this building, continuing the success of Kings Street Wharf to the south.
Yes. Logical place for them; as they will be under the residential buildings they will have a small but affluent captive group of possible clients.

An fine example of just how well this works is the Harrington/Gloucester Streets precinct where the Heritage Bar and Restaurant attracts local clientel, as does Giovannis; two new venues to open in the old Lawson-Menzies building shortly.
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Look above you at the renders posted by upwards. Most likely the bars and restaurants will be along the harbour in this building, continuing the success of Kings Street Wharf to the south.
Exactly - its about continuity and integrating both King Street Wharf and Barangaroo and Vice Versa.

Even at the rear of R8 & R9, there will be retail space.
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When will construction start on these residential buildings? R3, R4, R5, & R7?
Not yet known.
No point guessing, it all depends on the approval process and demand.
Well when do YOU think it could start? You seem to know a lot about this :)
If I had to speculate I'd say after the two existing waterfront residential buildings are completed in 2015. A revised concept plan needs to be lodged for Barangaroo South to account for Crown's proposal and the repositioning/height/bulk of the other buildings. Assuming this is lodged with the winning design for Crown in May/June, you'd expect concept plan approval sometime late 2013. Then a DA would need to be lodged for the detailed design of the residential towers in 2014 which could be approved by the second half of 2014. So I'd say 2015 is a far guess. Unlike Crown, I've seen or heard no indication that the residential towers are in the detailed design stage now.
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Barangaroo sticks to the plot
Sydneysiders downsizing from a house into an apartment usually kiss goodbye to a front lawn, but not at the soon-to-be released Barangaroo.

Architect Andrew Andersons says the five penthouses at the 80-unit block he has designed at Barangaroo South will each come with a patch of grass - yes, real grass. There is also a large communal grassed area on the rooftop for all residents.

''This is a very democratic building,'' Mr Andersons says. ''There's a body corporate roof garden with a lawn where everyone can go and lie in the sun.''

Mr Anderson's Barangaroo waterfront apartments - to be completed in 2015 - will have an industrial look, constructed from a zinc-like metal, timber and glass. They will all have harbour views as well as eco-friendly features such as photovoltaic cells on the roof that will activate the water-treatment plants, as well as provide privacy from the commercial towers above.

Advertisement Although there will be airconditioning, Mr Andersons says it won't be required as two-thirds of the apartments will be cross-ventilated. Bougainvillea creepers and screens will also help block out the afternoon sun and unwanted eyes.

''I think it's really important that you can be private on your balcony or flaunt it,'' Mr Andersons says.

There will be 79 apartments in a block next door designed by Richard Francis-Jones.

Barangaroo's 60-square-metre one-bedroom apartments are expected to cost from $1 million, and the 100-square-metre two-bedders from $2 million.

Prices for the three-bedroom Andersons-designed penthouses are yet to be officially released but could fetch more than $3 million.

Mr Andersons compared his shared rooftop lawn to that at the famous 1920s block The Astor, in Macquarie Street. ''Everyone has access to the roof garden and although it's astro turf, it's fabulous and there's this wonderful panorama,'' he says.

Australian Property Monitors' data shows apartments in The Astor have been slow to move of late. A two-bedroom apartment, the same size as its Barangaroo equivalent, is available for $1.55 million, having dropped by almost $200,000 since it was first listed in February last year.

A three-bedder ''untouched for 30 years'', and without a buyer for another year, is priced at $2 million. And a particularly grand two-bedder featuring cabinetry designed by Francis de Groot, who most famously slashed the ribbon at the opening of the Harbour Bridge in 1932, is priced at $3.35 million.

But the cutting-edge, eco-friendly Barangaroo apartments are expected to be far more popular with buyers - both locally and overseas - when launched off-the-plan in June through agents CBRE.
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With the above article and the link below, seems marketing for the first release of apartments is slowly gearing up.
notice the small triangular tower (furthurst south next to mac bank).has been reduced from 20 to 8storeys? i thought it was gone all togther. but they have managed to keep it. and its not a resi. ive been told could be community facilitie. all good
It wouldn't surprise me if it ends up being the new home of the Object Gallery/Australian Design Centre. Would be a good location for them.
due to design comp for hotel, this has included the whole precicnt which includes the 3 resi towers
they are now 2x200m slender structures. more open at street and less blocking for rnimbys behind

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So does this mean that the winning architect for Crown has input into the new resi towers too? Or are they just included to show that there are a couple more towers to build?

Good opportunity for Trump to talk with relevant parties if they are genuinely interested in a Sydney presence. They won't have a huge hotel presence (recall 150-200 rooms being mentioned) so still plenty of room for apartments
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^i think resi towers are just to show behind hotel. but indicates something is happening with them
And by the looks of it, we could also land some of the finest apartment towers in Sydney as well. :)
I'd be happy to see them built just the way they are in that render... they complement the hotel perferctly
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