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I wanted to start a compilation thread listing websites on Construction Progress and/or local info.

Here is a start for Jacksonville:

Construction Companies (Multiple Projects)

Auchter Construction
Info on:
The Strand & Peninsula
Fidelity National Financial
Riverside Avondale Partners
Vila Riva Condominiums
The Watermark Condominiums
1661 Riverside
Ocean 9 Villas

Rink Design Partnership
Info on:
323 Duval
AOL Call Center
* Many other local jax projects

Residential Construction Projects

San Marco Place

The Peninsula Condos

The Shipyards (One Shipyard Place) This site should be up and running soon I hope!!

Roadway Construction

I-295 / I-95 / 9A Interchange Info

The Big "I" (I-10 and I-95)

St. Johns River Crossing Study

Florida DOT

Florida DOT Planning Dept.

Jacksonville Info Sites

Buisness Journal of Jacksonville

City of Jax

Downtown Jacksonville Home

Downtown Jacksonville This Week

Jax Daily Record

Jax Pride

Rapid Transit Info

Jacksonville Rapid Transit

JTA On The Move

There are a few more jax sites but I can't remember them all right now. These are still good sites that you can kill quite a bit of time browsing.

**** If everyone wouldn't mind, this is a good place to post any websites regarding local construction projects and/or info sources you may want to share with everyone****
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