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Loved the Ralan one. But do they count for much?

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I really like the idea of us as a forum looking at these reviews.
We bang on about height, fancy facades, and how hot buildings look on the skyline, but that is not what makes a building. The fail or success of a building/developer is how humans react to living and working in its spaces. Like a hot girl/guy, they might look tall and fit but if it because they are full of botox, fillers, steroids and fake bits, its not going to be fun to live with.

Best modern building I have lived in was a 5 story, Lancom affair. Worst was 30 something Central Equity mess.
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Ohh there's been plenty of complaining about Ralan in this forum.
Remember that Ralan is the company responsible for this monstrosity...

The developer has deliberately lied about the design of the fascade. The first picture from the plans actually was very promising, but the developer disregarded the original plans, and gave us this crap! The developer should be jailed for deceiving the people

A shoddy building, is shoddy inside and out. Looks bad in the skyline, looks bad in the living room.
Ralan is a company with absolutely zero pride in their craft and with contempt for their customers.
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Burwood Council said they were investigating as to how it happened in the first place as to why they altered the design to give it that cheap and tacky look.
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