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Contruction on a new tower begun in Reykjavik

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Proposed projects in Reykjavik Iceland


here is a pic of a new tower and contructions on him have already begun. Its a big square which will be surrounded by 3 to 5 floor buildings and a tower at one corner.

Here is how the Reykjavik skyline will look like. See the three towers on the right, the first one that project (skuggahverfið) has already been constructed.

And here is a proposal of few highrises in Reykjavik which would include a 22 storey office tower called the Kringla tower that is know being discussed by city officials. Development in this area is few years away still.

Here is a proposal which has been approved and developments will start soon. It is a "science garden" for the university of Iceland. Its quite a big project over here: 15 buildings will be built and the volume of buildings will be 50.000 m².

Here is a pic of the Skuggahverfið project. The first tower has already been built.

So this is some insight in what is happening in Reykjavik, the coolest city on earth at the moment.

Before I go here are some renderings of three 16 storey buildings which are set to be built in Akureyri, Iceland:

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Very nice :eek:kay:
this really looks nice.
Skuggahverfið project reminds much larger cities
I love these ones. It's really amazing how a seemingly ordinary design can be made to look so fine by simply breaking window patterns and the use of unusual colors. All of the projects look fine, tho. Skuggahverfið project has some cosmopolitan grandeur in it. If you have any photos of the first tower that you said is built already, please post it here. :)
wow... reykjavik has stepped into scraper scene, Great, the skyline looks promising!
Yeah Reykjavik is such a interresting city.. Do you have any commieblock districts over there?
excelente por islandia!:applause:

Before I go here are some renderings of three 16 storey buildings which are set to be built in Akureyri, Iceland:

Since this ancient thread has been revived, let me just say that this ^^ was never seriously considered and will never happen. Building heights in the center have been limited to 4-6 floors.
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