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- probably the best development in Copenhagen

As promised here is the thread for the new, huge Carlsberg development area in Copenhagen. I will arrange the thread continously, however, at first it will appear more simple.

The short story:

In a maneuver of increasing effectivity Carlsberg Group decided to move their large brewery activities located on their historic premises in Copenhagen to Fredericia. This made room for a whole new urban area to be created in the centre of Copenhagen. A comprehensive programming phase was held initially involving neighbors and other IOs. Carlsberg wanted to receive an overall input of ideas on the future of their site before running a formal ideas competition on the area.

An international ideas competition on a master plan for the area was held in early 2007. In all 221 proposals from all over the world came in. On the 22nd of May 2007 the winner was announced, Danish architects entasis.

The winning proposal on a master plan then went into a working process. Extensive amounts of public dialogue was carried out along the way with hundreds of meetings with neighbors and IOs etc. providing yet another input on the reworking process of the winning master plan proposal. After a year of processing the final master plan was presented and handed over to the politicians on the 9th of May 2008. It is now up to the politicians to agree on a new, overall district plan for the area.


Carlsberg Properties

Official website of the project:

Size of the area:
330.000 m2 including nine high-rises


Master plan architect/winner of the international master plan competition:

Primary consultant/designer on the new squares and parks:
Vogt Landscape Architects

The original, winning proposal:

Architects involved at this stage with detail design:

Phase 1 (construction start January 2009):
Henning Larsen Architects
Årstiderne Arkitekter
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten

Phase 2 (construction start currently unknown):
Ladner Meier Arkitekten
C. F. Møller Architects

(Note that all in all the project consists of around 20 phases)

Overall status (updated 15/6-2008):
Currently going through the political decision process. There seems to be a huge majority in favor of the project. Construction supposed to commence January 2009

Keywords describing the project:
CO2 neutral, classical urbanity, squares, towers, openness, public dialogue, parks, organic facades, suncells, affordable housing, "Our City", rooftop architectural parasites, water, hanging gardens, diversity, cellars, small shops

The main idea of the master plan:

Lets create the classical, dense city again in a modern, updated version. We know it works on creating life and activity 24/7. We don't want a new Ørestad based on the principles of modernism. Lets mix this classical approach with some tall towers creating identity and some unique squares, where people can meet. Hide the cars in huge, underground parking silos on the outskirts of the city so that the cars are kept out of the area. Lets focus on pedestrians, bicyclists and public transportation. Lets reuse the old, industrial facilities for cultural activities (dance halls, galleries, concert halls etc.)

Location in Copenhagen:

The reworked master plan project:

The current site:

The reworked master plan project with various information inserted (updated 17/6-2008):

The 9 towers:

Here is some data on the 9 towers. The respective tower's assigned number in the table below correpsponds to its location in the rendering above.

Various renderings from the reworked master plan:

Note that the respective renderings's assigned number in this section correpsponds to its (blue) location number in the rendering above.

1. View towards "Markedspladsen" - the Marketplace - one of the squares of the city:

2. View of "Kulturpladsen" - The Square of Culture:

3. View of "Kælderpladsen" - The Square of the Cellars

4. View of one of the future city parks with lakes created by directing rain from the roofs of the city. This is the current "Akademiets Have" - The Garden of the Academy - with a size of 31.400 m2:

5. View of one of the high-rises (100 meter) from "Istedgade":

6. View of one of the high-rises (80 meter) from "Humleby":

7. View of the famous "Gate of the Elephant" with one of the (hotel?) high-rises (50 meter) on the right:

8. The high-rises seen from Østerbro (4,6 kilometers away):

9. The new station, "Ny Enghave" or "Carlsberg", at "Stationspladsen":

10. The new station from another angle:

Various pictures from the current site:

I hope you recognize some of the locations below in the renderings above.




4a. The present:

4b. The future?















19a. The present:

19b. The future?

20a. The present:

20b. The future?

21a. The present:

21b. The future?




25a. The present:

25b. The future?






Phase 1

Status (updated 16/6-2008):
Detail design under way. Henning Larsen Architects, Årstiderne Arkitekter and Tegnestuen Vandkunsten are involved.

Renderings from phase 1:

1. The area of phase 1 with the projects of the respective architects involved marked:

Phase 2

Status (updated 16/6-2008):
Entasis, Ladner Meier Arkitekten and C. F. Møller Architects are involved design-wise. The new Carlsberg Group and DK HQ by C. F. Møller Architects has been put on hold as the Carlsberg Group is busy focusing on the huge Scottish & Newcastle takeover.

Renderings from phase 2:

NIL yet

The garbage can:

Hmm. Weird things found in the renderings...:)

What seems to be the top of the church of Nikolaj hidden awkwardly in the big flyby rendering:

Older ladies on high heels in nice lingerie posing near "Markedspladsen":

Who's hiding behind the tree in The Garden of the Academy?


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I didn't realize that special rules apply on the title of a thread in this part of the forum. Sorry about that.

Can a mod please change the title to: "CARLSBERG | Probably the best development in Copenhagen"?


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I have uploaded a bunch of pictures in the first post so that you can get an idea of the current site. Text for the pictures will be included at some point.

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wooww.. This is awesome! let's dumb the factory's and build some highrises :D

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So is all this stuff gonna be built or what?

The socalled highrises doesnt look like anything to me, none of them are hardly higher than 100 meters. That again, I think I would get a hart attack if I ever see anything in Denmark that is even remotely impressive! :bash:

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So is all this stuff gonna be built or what?

The socalled highrises doesnt look like anything to me, none of them are hardly higher than 100 meters. That again, I think I would get a hart attack if I ever see anything in Denmark that is even remotely impressive! :bash:
If you have too much time to spend go and get yourself a spellchecker instead of writing garbage. :puke: If you want to see skyscrapers go to the respective forums.

I fear that too many people in this forum have very limited views of urban development. Even though I like tall buildings I think it's much more interesting to make projects fit in existing areas. This site is especially interesting because it's situated within the living city. Many projects seen in other threads consist of green-fields with a skyscraper in the middle. There can hardly be any life around them. This projects fits the city very well (from what I can see on the images) and it looks like a nice place to be. Only the high-riser in the middle look too dark to me.

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Great post, Fab5.

If it turns out as proposed I am sure that it will be one of the most attractive locations in our city. I'd rather live here than in one of the apartments in the ghetto of Hellerup Havn.


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The socalled highrises doesnt look like anything to me, none of them are hardly higher than 100 meters. That again, I think I would get a hart attack if I ever see anything in Denmark that is even remotely impressive! :bash:

Who cares about the highrises when there are so many beautiful industrial buildings in this project? The important thing here is to integrate those into a lively urban area, as Paul B. said.

Anyway, I think this project could do without that highrise behind the "Gate of the Elephant"... it seems to ruin the view of it.

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Somehow I managed to miss this one: Acclaimed internationals VOGT Landscape Architects have been chosen as the primary consultants on all of the new squares and parks at Carlsberg (according to this site:

VOGT are known for being "house" landscape architects for Herzog & de Meuron, and are behind e.g. the landscaping around the TATE Modern.

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Wow that looks really cool!
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