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COPENHAGEN | Copenhagen Towers | 85m | 25 fl | 85m | 20 fl | U/C

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Sjælsø Gruppen will invest 300 million euro in developing a commercial area in Ørestad featuring three towers (one still TBA) and modelled along the WTC concept.

The first two towers are now u/c - the first will be a Crowne Plaza hotel with 365 rooms designed by Danish architects Dissing + Weitling and the other one will be an office block designed by Foster and Partners.

The hotel is scheduled to be complete by 2009 in time for the UN Climate Summit that is hosted by Denmark.


Office tower:

The two together:

The latest design:

Link to a webcam of the construction site:
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Old (and ugly) design for the WTC (which it was called back then):
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Thanks for bringing this one up Øli ;)

The office tower looks somewhat interesting, the cladding could come out great.

Looks like Copenhagen's working pretty well lately. Some major projects could improve the city's reputation even more. When do you get your first whoopydrooly Burj Hovedstaden?
Doubt about seeing any Burj Hovedstaden in my lifetime but yes things are going quite well at the moment. But the towers mostly can't be taller than 80meters because of the airports close location to Ørestaden which is the major development district at the moment.

Other interesting Ørestad projects that I just added:

But I think that there might in the future will be some other nice (and taller) projects in Copenhagen
BAKU | Port Baku

It reminds me Port Baku project, but in different shapes. Anyway, i like it :)
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What about Burberry or Chanel? :lol:

It reminds me Port Baku project, but in different shapes. Anyway, i like it :)
Talking about this project?
A few construction pics by Kipple:
Now on to Cph. Towers:

The frames of the windows are black on the inner part of the tower....

...... and white on the outer parts:

Restrooms in neat little packages!?!?:

The site for north tower:

A small detail i noticed on the animation video:

Nice projects for a very nice city :)
I like, Id love to see all the Copenhagen projects on one thread. There are some of the best proposals Ive ever seen, something more like China or Dubai in their adventurousness.
^^We have been talking about it before in the Nordic section - what did you have in mind? Only all the high-rises or all major projects?
Added the lastest design of the two towers to the first post. I has changed a bit.
Very nice! Are they new tallests ?

Also, how close are they to the historic center ?
No they are not the new tallest. Tallest in Copenhagen:

Here you can get a impression of how close it is to the old city center:,12.576685&spn=0.023016,0.053215&t=h&z=14's about 10 min with the metro.
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