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What’s the thoughts here, some media outlets are doing well to dramatise the spread, 4 cases now confirmed in Australia, a lot of ‘breaking news’ updates with every new confirmed case.
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It could turn out quite nasty. A bit more than the usual seasonal flu.
There is a discussion about it international threads -

Not sure it is overhyped actually. Better to be worried than not. There is no vaccine for coronaviruses - the illusive cure for the common cold. You don't usually die from common cold though, like is the case for this one. They don't seem to know what the death rate is yet either, other than higher than normal flu.
It sounds like the gestation is 1-2 weeks. The condition was contained within Wuhan market area until recently. Would have thought someone visiting months ago would be safe. Though can see how paranoia would spring up in a school community.
Yeah, same old story. An excuse to bring out those things festering below the surface.
I thought you meant by your comment, that people were scapegoating.
Is actually looking like a serious situation now. Unlike SARS this one is transmissible during the incubation period, which is also longer than SARS. Which means it already could be latent in the community.
Nobody might be going anywhere. Showing your usual lack of systems thinking there theskier.
I don't think we're taking this seriously enough. Chief medical officer saying that it's okay for children that have been in China in the last two weeks to go to school. Saying there is no reason for healthy children not to go. It goes against the general understanding that the virus is transmissible during incubation when no symptoms are showing. It's either extremely blasé or they don't hold any hopes for it being containable.

The secondary infections are just becoming apparent in other countries now.
I don't either.

So, trying to get this straight, you live in Chengdu but work in Guangzhou. Did they ask you this after you'd been home?
It's not compulsory though, they just suggest it.
I think it's for the airfares. And the US is doing it too, according to one of the people on the international forum, his grandmother got a place on a flight, on 4th Feb, with price 'to be advised'. Which is worse, don't know what it will cost before committing.
It's a nominal amount though. Would it even cover administrative costs. Perhaps it's just a way of sifting through who wants to go most, like those things often are.
Didn't realise that family was still there, what must their life be? And the locals are not happy, it's not good for tourism apparently. Even though the centre is far from FFC. I suppose locals will be offered jobs there, so there will be some contact.
I find it difficult to get my head around the fact that our government is proposing to charge families $1,000 per child to evacuate 140 Australian children stuck in Wuhan to Christmas Island where they will be quarantined for two weeks. Not sure also what the islanders think about this along with the Biloela family who are incarcerated there either. Are other Nations charging their citizens?
Only a central authority can organise something like an evacuation. It's such an unusual event that you might expect the government to step up. $1000 is such a nominal amount, it probably costs more to administrate the collection of the money.
They're in their with their begging bowls as well, on a larger scale.
Yes. Ramping up the hand washing. Trying not to touch things. Though forget sometimes.

More worried for my parents, they both have chest complaints and step mother is going into hospital for tests this week, which is probably the worst place to be at this time.
It seems like a weird thing to implement but if you've got to pay your way out of other parts of China before travel grinds to a halt it's probably not a major disincentive.

Anyone else turning into a mild germaphobe yet?
The tuna shelf is the first one I thought would be emptied, but not even a dent in it. Toilet paper aisle had tumbleweeds though. When I shopped on Sunday.
Humanity is ridiculous. Felt like I was in some strange netherworld today, a conga line of people walking out of Aldi each with a big purple bulk pack of toilet paper on one shoulder. They were only allowing one per customer, otherwise no doubt it would have been a pack on each shoulder. People are just getting sucked up into the hype now.

Admittedly I got two cans of tuna taken off me, because only ten are allowed. But I was only stocking up in the ordinary way, because they happen to have my favourite tuna, and it's the only reason I usually go there. Although they do have good cheese too.
You're the one making the link here.
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What planet are you living on? No private company can coordinate what needs to be done.
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