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Countless bridges of Hamburg

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You think that Venice, Amsterdam, Wroclaw or St.Petersburg have lots of bridges? Then you don't know Hamburg! There are so many bridges that I can't find a reliable source about the exact number of them. According to one source there are exactly 2579 bridges within the city limits, other sources just state "over 2300 bridges" or "over 2500 bridges".

This is what english Wikipedia says:
The many streams, rivers and canals in Hamburg are crossed by over 2300 bridges, more than those of Amsterdam and Venice combined.[21] Hamburg has more bridges inside its city limits than any other city in the world.

Notable bridges of Hamburg in the port area:

Köhlbrandbrücke. It is 3940 metres long, the central, cable-stayed part has a span of 325 metres. From 1974 until 1991 it was the lonest cable stayed bridge span in the world. The tallest pylons reach a height of 135 metres.

Elbbrücken. These are several bridges next to each other which are the last bridges over the river Elbe before it mounds into the North Sea. They are crossing the northern branch of the river.

Harburger Elbbrücke. It crosses the southern branch of the river.

Katwyckbrücke. It is a vertical lift bridge. The pylons are 70 metres tall. The central part can be lifted up to 46 metres high, which is the biggest lifting height of any vertical lift bridge in the world.

Moorfleetbrücke. A motorway bridge crossing the Elbe river.
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Bridges connecting the Speicherstadt (warehouse district, left half of the picture) with the city centre.

Two bridges, known as "Niederbaumbrücke", connecting the western end of the Speicherstadt with the city centre.

Brooksbrücke (also between Speicherstadt and city centre) how it looked like in 1890

The bridge still exists, just the statues have changed (the original statues have been destroyed during WW2).

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Some bridges in the city centre


Next to the beautyful Lombardsbrücke is the functional Kennedybrücke

Both Lombardsbrücke and Kennedybrücke are dividing the Inner Alster Lake (Binnenalster) and Outer Alster Lake (Aussenalster).

Ellerntorsbrücke. It is the second-oldest existing bridge in Hamburg (built 1668)


Zollenbrücke. It is the oldest existing bridge in Hamburg, built 1633.
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Lots of variety, nice images.
Great thread idea. Don't hesitate to keep adding photos ;O) I believe there is a good 2300 or so to go.
To give this thread a kick, I have a video which shows in the beginning the Köhlbrandbrücke in Hamburg, as I am driving over it (it is the bridge from the first picture in the thread).

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