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Just found a list (From late last year) of the key employers in Coventry:

Coventry City Council 16,000 Public Admin
University Hospitals 5940 Healthcare
University of Warwick 4525 Education
Peugeot Citroen 4400 Car Manufacturing
Jaguar Car 400(0) Car Manufacturing
Coventry Primary Care Trust 2140 Healthcare
Coventry University 2057 Education
Barclays Bank 1750 Finance
Capita 1700 Business Services
Marconi Communications 1,500 Telecommunications
WM Police 1,240 Police Services
City College 1,100 Education
Dunlop Aerospace 850 Aerospace
TUI (excluding airport) 820 Tourism
AAH Group (Gehe UK) 775 Pharmaceuticals
Coventry Building Society 770 Finance
AXA Sunlife 725 Finance
E.ON 725 Electricity
Learning and Skills Council 600 Education
Stadco 575 Car Components

Like all other UK cities, the biggest employees are Public Sector organisations, but it's interesting to see that there are also Finance & Pharmaceutricals alongside the "traditional" manufacturing posts. A few years ago there was nothing like this. Twenty years virtually all the employees were motor industry. It's also interesting to note that Jaguar's main role in the city is as a HQ and R&D centre (No assembly) and Peugot have just applied to build a "Campus" HQ in a new "Stoke Village" Urban redevelopment Scheme.

Stadco have just made 230 redundancies due to Rover, and Peugot have lost a 3rd shift (Which only temporary while demand was high.) but are still investing in the city.

With both Brum & Coventry recently placed in the top 5 of various reports about places to do business, the region's future still looks bright.
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