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Coventry University | Engineering & Computing Building | Gulson Road | 7fl | Comp.

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Work has now started on the £30m Arup-designed engineering and computing building for Coventry University.

To be built on Gulson Road just outside the city centre, the 14,000m2 building will have a sedum roof and photovoltaic panels in its facade. Construction by Balfour Beatty will be completed in May 2011.

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Artistic licence I think. I'm sure the pub will be bought and done up soon.
The scene above looks like somewhere in Spain - very innovative stuff!
Would this be the same view as above?

I think 2011 is going to be a decent year for Coventry with the University buildings, the Butts, the Broadgate plans, the news on better access to the canal basin, the station news. I'd love to read 100% positivity for most of the year lol!
Very interesting design and I agree with the Gulson Rd elevation - couldn't they have used a stone cladding just for this side?
Irrespective of the colour and certain elevations, those angles and windows are truly unique in the UK. Would make a great Windows wallpaper.......
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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