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Coventry University | Engineering & Computing Building | Gulson Road | 7fl | Comp.

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Work has now started on the £30m Arup-designed engineering and computing building for Coventry University.

To be built on Gulson Road just outside the city centre, the 14,000m2 building will have a sedum roof and photovoltaic panels in its facade. Construction by Balfour Beatty will be completed in May 2011.

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I have to say I think it looks shit. Another uniform, grey cladded box devoid of feature.

I'm very disappointed by this. The Belgrade Plaza car park and the new Swanswell MSCP are both a lot more attractive with glass work and other features. The University's attempt here is laughable - how can they think this will look good between the ultra modern Computing and Engineering building and the old tax offices on the other side? Not to mention that it's a stone throw away from the Far Gosford Street Conservation Area and completely out of character!

I think it looks quite nice. Especially the lighting at night. U cant expect too much from a car park.
Looking at the pdf on the planning site, I think this will be quite nice (very nice for a car park). And the good thing about car parks is they go up very quickly!
This car park should look good when the cladding goes up.
Yea, the cladding makes it. I'm not overly keen on the cladding on the new city college car park (too messy!), but this one really looks good.
I saw that for the first time the other day, it just looks like a skeleton. Car parks should be more like the lower precinct, bp and the new uni park, in other words covered up.
Looking good. Went past the new student centre site and boarding is starting to go up around the site. Looks like they will be starting any day now.
The uni are goin to try to get rid of that tyre place.

Look at 10 years plus.
If/when the Tyre Place does get demolished, I would personally like to see a series of smaller buildings constructed up to the road (rather than set back as the Tyre Place is now). In other words I'd like to see the street line restored to link Gosford Street and Far Gosford Street. Something around 3-4 storeys would work well. I hope they don't build another huge block like the library or the new university car park. There is room at the rear of the Tyre Place (moving towards Gulson Road) for more large scale buildings, but I think the Far Gosford Street frontage should be far more sympathetic in scale and in character. No metal or plastic clad buildings there thank you very much!
I hope they build a skyscraper. IMHO far gosford street still looks shit, even after the "masterplan" regeneration. I know it isnt finished but it will always look grotty down there!! I just hope they replace the tyre place with some that looks good! And not build from bloody red bricks.
Afraid I don't agree - it'd look really weird and out of place, and highlight the split down the middle of the road leading into town.

I prefer stig's plan of similar buildings to those on the road to make it more continous leading into the city centre.

FGS still needs work, especially the bit backing onto Sky Blue Way, but it is improving slowly but surely.
lol I was only joking about the skyscraper.

But if you look at what it will actually be next to, a modern building would actually fit in better. It has the student residence on the other side of the "river" and fingers crossed the hotel opposite. Nothing ultra modern like some of the projects the uni are building though. Something 6 - 8 storeys would probably fit nicely.
Alot of Cov students go to the Campbell and the Oak. I like the Campbell, although when I was a student at Cov my fav pub was (and is) the Golden Cross.

I like the library too, its stylish.

True, the ridiculously cheap drink prices have to end. The Tories want to raise tax on alcohol, so when they get in next year that will probably do some good.
The campbell aint bad. the oak is a dump though, full of tramps. I think the library looks brilliant. always used to wonder what it was when i was a kid, lol i wanted to live in one of the "guard towers" :nuts:
Down comes the pub.

Now why cant the rest of that uni building be as clean as that side!!!
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