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Work has now started on the £30m Arup-designed engineering and computing building for Coventry University.

To be built on Gulson Road just outside the city centre, the 14,000m2 building will have a sedum roof and photovoltaic panels in its facade. Construction by Balfour Beatty will be completed in May 2011.

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Never brought into the argument about the pricing of alcohol. It's much more of a cultural issue. The price argument is a very simplistic answer to a very complex problem.

We should ask why it is that on the continent alcohol is equally as cheap and yet there are nothing like the social problems that binge drinking causes. I can buy a half decent bottle of wine in spain for under two euros, or buy a pint of beer in a bar for 1.50€. The hotel I run offers Cruz Campo at 1€ a pint 4 nights a week. I can buy alcohol anywhere, including petrol stations and if I wanted to in Macdonalds, at the cinema, just about anywhere in fact; and yet you won't find the locals vomiting in the street or urinating up walls.

Penalising those who drink responsibly is not the answer, and the only people that benefit are the treasury and bootleggers. We'd be just opening up new income streams for the organised criminals.

The problem is more to do with a complete lack of stigma. Act like a drunken idiot in most European countries and it simply would not be tolerated. The police would certainly not allow it, and the public would treat you with disgust. In the UK there is no disincentive, all you will get is a stern word, maybe a pathetic fixed penalty notice (what a joke) or at the very worst a night in the cells to sleep it off - and then off you're sent on your merry way.

We have this problem in the UK simply because we tolerate it, and not because of price. How many of those silly police documentaries on Bravo have we seen, where at the end they list the penalties dished out to those who have misbehaved. And what happens to them? Nothing, the penalties are a joke; and until we address this issue and start stigmatising such behaviour nothing will ever change.
it's shame that you hate the place because of a minority of idiots (and they can be found anywhere if we're honest). there is a lot to like about coventry, for all its undoubted faults.

agree completely about the pub btw.
William Morris building (Business and IT faculty). I don't agree, I think it adds a little quirky character to the area and just needs renovation and proper marketing as a student pub/cafe/restaurant.. a meeting place to hook up laptops, chat and drink. By the looks of the plans only some of it is being demolished to make way for the access point to the car park.

I love this car park building as I've been watching it build up, really quite quickly, from inside the Lanchester Library building. It's weird.. Even though I don't live in Cov (I *really* hate the place due to some of the chav dickheads that breathe there), I do have an affection for the Uni (study here), and the built environment that's going up around it.. and I'm always interested in new things happening in the town. I Like exploring the changes from when I first moved to the West Mids ten years ago.

Can't wait to see the new Engineering Faculty :banana:
It's disappointing for sure. On the positive side I do like the plans for the 'greening' of that area and general improvements to the public realm and the way they plan to link to the new Gulson Road development.

Also, I suppose we should be glad that they have the tyre place in their sights, albeit in their longer term plans. What they do with the site remains to be seen, but hopefully it will fill the gap nicely.

The 'extension' of FGS with the building of the new hotel will help enclose the area a little more; and judging by the plans I've seen it will extend way past the Astleys building. So yes, this is a setback but I think overall we will see significant improvements in this area over time.
Hopefully scrapped. Didn't like those proposals at all.

I've always thought a hotel would be the right way forward for Millenium View, along with shops, bars and restaurants at street level. Can't see any developer considering building apartments there any time soon. The only other possibility would be student flats, but that would be a mistake.

A new hotel there would see off the Britannia I'd guess - so happy days. Whether the city centre could sustain another hotel considering that there are 2 proposed for Friargate is another thing. I do know that as it stands there is considered to be something of a shortage of dedent hotel rooms in Coventry so there is some scope. The Friargate proposals are more long term anyway, and I imagine would only happen in conjunction with new office developments.
There's also a new budget hotel opening up in the Butts College, apparently they've actually got an operator lined up and interested.

What happened to the "scaled down" Hilton planned for the Ricoh Arena?
I never knew this, but the second and most recent proposal for Millenium View did actually include a hotel. From the Riachardson Cordwell website:

A hotel at Millenium View is a good idea.
Coventry City Council have appointed Cordwell as the preferred developer for the Millennium View site in the city centre.

Cordwell beat off stiff competition from two other developers with their plans for a mixed-use commercial development, which will include 30,000 sq ft of shops and café / bars / restaurants and a 120 room hotel.
Not sure what has happened with these proposals. Is it completely dead, or are they just on hold? I think somebody said on here that the land was back on the market? Either way, it looks like a hotel will be the way forward.

You also have to wonder what would have happened had they gone with one of the other proposals. Would we have a building standing their now? There was a significant delay between this announcement and the downturn in the economy, so every chance had one of the other applicants prevailed and moved quickly.
Yeah, I know there was no planning application. Strange how having gone through the bid process, and having won, they then did nothing for 18 months. Then of course things started to go pear-shaped in a big way.

The original 'wavy flats' proposal from CDP would have been excellent, but alas unfeasible (there was never going to be sufficient demand for luxury apartments in Cov even at the height of the boom). They did sell all the Priory Place apts I believe, but it was a struggle, hence they pulled the plug.

What might have been:

No planning app was ever submitted for this... The other building was too expensive, apparently, and the market for apartments had collapsed in Cov long before the recession...
I agree totally with regard to Millenium View. I would possibly make an exception for Bishop's Place - even an empty piece of land is better than what was there before!
I seem to recall the replacement project was a lot bigger.

I find it hard to see what's going to happen with these sites. Was it a mistake knocking the old pub down? That land has been cleared now for how many years? The same goes for all the other sites... Bishop's Place, etc.
Indeed, we are a long way behind other cities in many areas. On the positive side, we're not falling any further behind. A quick tour around other forums and you'll see that there is nothing happening anywhere outside London; literally nothing! At least we have one or two projects on the go.
Badly phrased on my part - I was only referring to retaining the pub on the site of millennium view, although I have no doubt it would have ended up being demolished as someone would have burnt it down.

The whole of Bishop's street apart from the grammar school and the pub could go as far as I'm concerned. It's a miserable place.

Cov's regeneration is soooo slow. We're so far behind other cities it's quite shocking.
Don't get me started on Fairfax Street, just makes me angry.

Unquestionably the worst part of the city centre - despite the stiff competition.

Considering the close proximity to the Cathedral, it is amazing that a) they allowed it to get into such a state and b) there are no immediate plans to put it right. Apart from vague references to the future demolition of Priory Halls, what else do they plan to do? That area is destined to remain largely as it is for many years to come.

Millenium Place is OK - I like the arches, the fire station looks OK as does the museum (although I hate those silly red plaques). Priory Place is fine, but why is there no frontage onto Fairfax Street?

The problem is the few nice bits just make the rest of the street look even worse than it actually is. And to think that all those thousands of people who travel through the city on National Express coaches every year are greeted with that collection of monstrosities. :eek:hno:
Every time people complain about new student halls of residence, they are inadvertently prolonging the life of the dreadful Priory Halls. I heard that the BP student halls were initially seen as a replacement for Priory Halls, but now that project has been scrapped I can see them being around for a few years to come. Privately run accommodation will go some way to bridging the gap, but until Cov Uni build a new directly managed, university owned accommoation block, Priory Halls won't be going anywhere.
Wow! They are moving fast! I wish Cov Uni would hurry up and do something with the area around Priory Hall.
The photograph that typhoon has commented on shows a different elevation to one one shown in the render.

In the render you are seeing the 'flat' side that faces the library, and although bland does at least contain some glazing. There is another 'flat' side which is at right angles and which faces you as you travel along Gulson Road - as you can see in the photograph - and I have a horrible feeling this elevation is going to be completely featureless and clad in grey. Hope I'm wrong.

Even the renders have the sides as a bit grey. I suspect the side panelling has a long way to go yet. The whole building has taken a long time in fact.
Thanks for that. Not seen that render before.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there are a couple of small renders which I assume are up-to-date (the first certainly looks familiar enough).

The second image does seem to indicate that there will be glazing on that long side.
Mmmm. That seems to be at odds with just about every render I have seen so far.

I'm pretty sure the horizontal rows of cladding are to have coloured panels attached?
Will wait and see on this one. Lots to happen yet. The main frontage is far from finished and the corrugated cladding is still unfinished and the accent colours are yet to be added. At least it's starting to look a bit like the render.
Starting to look interesting now. Still a very long way to go with this. Look forward to the protruding elements being added to the main frontage and all the coloured bits too. This will look quite impressive at night.
I'd like to know at which point in the process did some bright spark decide to scrap the coloured highlighting. Hugely disappointing. Coventry University just never learn and have inflicted yet another value engineered grey box piece on shit on the city.
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