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Coventry University | Engineering & Computing Building | Gulson Road | 7fl | Comp.

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Work has now started on the £30m Arup-designed engineering and computing building for Coventry University.

To be built on Gulson Road just outside the city centre, the 14,000m2 building will have a sedum roof and photovoltaic panels in its facade. Construction by Balfour Beatty will be completed in May 2011.

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This might sound strange but thats the best looking car park I've ever seen!

I must say I have my doubts about the main building. Sure its unique, but how will it look in 20 years time? Its an example of Coventry making the same mistakes again and again (I'm thinking Ikea and how its already an eyesore!)

I guess when its actually built it may look stunning (for a few years anyway!)
Yea, theres going to be a disparity in the streetscape. Hopefully one day if that proposed hotel at the bottom of Gosford Street gets built, that might improve things.
Its a shame that the old St. Marys school site by the traffic lights nearby has been left to rot. Its been empty for maybe 5-10 years now ( i think). That would be a superb site for some curvy appartments with a turret rising up on the corner, making a feature of the corner site (although they would need bloody good double glazing to sell them!) It could be home to an iconic building one day...but if the site missed the housing boom of a couple of years ago it will be a few more years until we see movement on it.
I've also been in two minds about Selfridges. I've seen there are plans for a tall building across the road from it, so hopefully that will balance it out.

Hopefully Gosford St's rennovation will make developing the old St. Marys site a more enticing prospect.
I drove down Canterbury Street in Hillfields today and you can see the top of the car park from there. I can't wait until they start cladding it and I'm also starting to wonder why I'm so excited about a car park lol!
Yea, the cladding makes it. I'm not overly keen on the cladding on the new city college car park (too messy!), but this one really looks good.
Yea, the good thing about this scheme is that they clearly put a bit of thought into the car parks design and it really shows. Hopefully this could help set a design standard for future car parks in the city.
Its looking great, thanks for putting up the pictures.

If only that pub was renovated! If it was marketed as a student pub I'm sure it would do really well as its virtually 'on campus'.
Alot of Cov students go to the Campbell and the Oak. I like the Campbell, although when I was a student at Cov my fav pub was (and is) the Golden Cross.

I like the library too, its stylish.

True, the ridiculously cheap drink prices have to end. The Tories want to raise tax on alcohol, so when they get in next year that will probably do some good.
Yea, I love how its stylish but functional. Coventry usually has buildings that are functional, but look bland and date badly. I think this will age pretty well.
I hope its all of it. Don't get me wrong in a way its a shame that yet another pub is being destroyed, but it would look ridiculous with all the large buildings overshadowing it. If it is a public space being created (as it looks like in one of the pics) it will enhance the red brick building (its name escapes me atm!). However, it won't make much sense as a public space unless part of it is access for the car park.
Thanks for the photos Dr Pepper.

I've got a feeling that the open space that has been created by the pubs demolishion will be wasted! I hope I'm wrong.
Yea its improving alot. I wonder what the timescale for the hotel will be? When the Radisson gets built that might soak up lots of demand for hotel rooms, so this hotel might not get off the ground for a while.
A hotel at Millenium View is a good idea.
Its tragic that the wavy flats proposal appears to have fallen through yet other mediocre schemes were completed! Ggggrrrr!

We truly are behind most other cities regen wise, at least Friargate will kick-start things and will hopefully boost other areas i.e. demand for city centre living. If the groundwork for Friargate starts next year, maybe by 2012 demand for city living may pick up, but then again its a big 'maybe'.
Definetly, integrated transport is desperatly needed! It was so short-sighted having the bus station and train station at opposite sides of the city centre.
Thanks for posting that picture Dr Pepper, I've been meaning to go and have a look at this.
I think it looks pretty good. I think a similiar design would be appropriate when they demolish the Student Union building on Cox Street and turn that into a car park.
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