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Crane Count

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I've listed everything I can remember, arranged roughly by area.

Southern City Centre
Beetham - 2
River City and surrounding projects - 4
St Georges - 3
Vie - 3
GN Tower - 2
Eagle Star House - 2
University Car Park Cambridge St - 2
MRI Superhospital - 5
Aurora - 1

Western City Centre/Greengate
CJC - 3
Spinningfields NCP - 1
Tempus - 1
Spectrum - 2
red ones near Spectrum - 2
John Rylands Library - 1
GMEN - 1
Rosetti Phase Two - 1

Northern City Centre/Piccadilly
Skyline Central - 3
Site next to Skyline Central - 2
Royal Mills/surrounds - 3
Piccadilly Place - 4
Green Quarter - 1
Issa Quay - 1
Piccadilly Car Park - 1
IVLA? - 1
Next to Ovale - 1

Salford Quays
Old Trafford - 2
NV Towers - 1
Citylofts - 2

This gives us 49 in town and 56 including the quays. Phenomenal.

A few more than this I'm sure, what are they people?

Ones to expect soon:

3 & 4 Hardman Square
Chancery Place
Probably a new Green Quarter one for Jefferson Place
Erie Basin Tower
40 Spring Gardens
More at spectrum
Sarah Tower perhaps
Pall Mall
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Burlington House and Downtown projects are both awaiting cranes with bases in place.
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Rough calculation to end the year towards some of our neighbouring cities.

Leeds - 10
Sheffield - 13
Liverpool - 15
Birmingham - 29
Belfast - 30
Manchester - 50
Dublin - 79
London - ??? (200+ I'd imagine)
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Another Crane going up at the Airport as I landed this morning.

I'm sure the B'ham thread include there Airport and outskirts as a total. Would be a good idea to have a city centre and Greater Manchester count?
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When is our next count due? I'm in suspense!

If anybody over the next week or so notices a crane about to come down, please do everything in your power to try and stop it. We need to break this record first :lol:
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Don't take my list as 100% accurate. VDB will know better than me, but I think this should be about right. Including the two currently going up at Vesta street. 63 is the record.
If my list is correct, although not broke the record just yet. It is however the most Manchester has seen since November 2005.

City Centre & Salford Count

Adelphi Wharf x3
Affinity Riverside x1
Trinity Blackfriars x2
Downtown Ordsall x2
Chapel Wharf x4
The Crescent x1
Lightbox Media City x1
X1 Media City Tower 2 x1
Erie Basin x2
X1 The Exchange x1
Burlington House x1
Islington Wharf x1
Blossom Street (Mulbury) x2
Kampus x2
Weavers quay x2
Royce Road Hulme x2
Deansgate Square x3
125 Deansgate x1
27-29 Ellesmere x1
Polygon St. Ardwick x1
Sky Gardens x1
Landmark St. Peters Square x2
Axis x1
Angel Gardens x3
Halo Angel Gardens x1
Hallmark Green quarter x1
North Central Angel Meadows x1
New Square Whitworth St x2
X1 The Landmark x1
Vesta Street x2
Dakota Deluxe x1
Outwood Wharf x1
Portland Street x1
Circle Square x1
Gore Streetx2


I'm would like to keep a Greater Manchester count also. It's been spoken about before but never gone any further.
Would appreciate for any details on cranes around Stockport, Bury, Chorlton, Bolton, Oldham etc...

Greater Manchester Count

Airport x6
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There are x2 past Hulme Asda on the left hand side coming out the city. Not sure if they've been counted or actually even qualify?
There does appear to be a lag in office construction in Manchester, despite record uptake and increasing price per sq m

3.8m sq feet for Dublin.... ahh to be a capital city!

Could Manchester get to 2msq ft per annum over the coming years?

With the thousands of new apartments going up and increase of population it's bound to happen. Depending on the economy ofcourse, I reckon we will see an office boom breaking all records in the next couple of years! One step at a time.
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Two New Baily, Cornbrook & the hotel at Circle Square are expecting cranes over the next couple of weeks.

I imagine X1 at Manchester Waters will need a crane as the buildings get higher.
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Overview crane count ending 2018 across the U.K.

London - Too many to confirm - 200+ (?)
Manchester - 75
Birmingham - 36
Liverpool - 26
Belfast - 24
Sheffield -15
Leeds - 13

Glasgow, Bristol, Coventry, Edinburgh, Southampton, Oxford, Newcastle, Cambridge etc... All less than 10.

How long until Manchester will be competing with Australia's two big cities? :lol:

Sydney - 346
Melbourne - 192
Brisbane - 72
Perth - 37
Gold Coast - 32
Canberra - 23
Adelaide - 16
Newcastle - 12
Hobart - 5
Darwin - 1
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I think they are moving them from one site to another.
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More to come down than to go up over the next couple of months. (as far as I'm aware)
I knew a fair few came down, looks like 10 in total recently. Surprised but happy to see the number still at 80+
I think the count reached 84 but at one point there was 88/89.
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I've been back and forward. So many went up and down around the same time, some within the same day over June. I counted either 88 or possibly 89 by the end of June.
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Dyeing up with 70+ cranes within the small city centre, okay then...

In comparison across the U.K:

Sheffield: 8
Liverpool: 15
Leeds: 16
Brum: 33

In comparison with other cities:

Barcelona: 17
Rotterdam: 21
Chicago: 27
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I was in Leeds the weekend, astonished with the amount of construction and the overall buzz around the city. Leeds has come such a long way, I really enjoyed it and left extremely impressed, until...

I came down Bury New Road Monday morning returning into Manchester. Seeing the view, the skyscrapers and the construction actually confirmed that Manchester is just on a different path in every aspect. No doubt Leeds is making it's mark as a major UK destination, however Manchester is making it's mark as a major global destination. No other city outside the capital is anywhere close to the status of Manchester. It's in a different league towards Leeds, Brum and L'pool. Since the early 90's it's been non stop regeneration. 25 consecutive years of more investment, 25 consecutive years of larger growth, 25 consecutive years of higher amount of construction across almost every sector. Not only do independent bodies such as the "Globalization and world cities research network" recognise this but it's becoming obvious and unanimous from the general public. In a 2017 poll, B'ham was voted as the 3rd leading city across England after London in 1st and Manchester in 2nd. As mentioned, this poll was carried out by Birmingham based expert research leaders "BMG", in association with Birmingham Mail.

It sounds like I'm bashing and throwing shade towards Leeds and the other cities, I'm not trying to discredit there growth or achievements whatsoever. I've rambled on and got carried away with myself. As I said, credit to Leeds for doing so well on it's own merit. There just isn't any point comparing apples and oranges. It isn't 1998, things have changed.
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I started this subject so will end the topic by saying, Leeds is a fantastic city. Always has been and only improving, especially over the past 6/7 years! I don't know much about Victoria Gate phase 2 but I'm sure it only benefit the city retail core. Personally, nothing excites me more than the thought of the 3 Northern giants: Leeds, Man & L'pool one day becoming linked together with high speed rail, creating that true Northern Powerhouse. I hope each city thrives and eventually pulls together.

This thread is about cranes, I pulled it off topic. Comments about MAN vs Leeds vs Copenhagen vs Shanghai vs Albuquerque can go here:

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Other cites and most crane counts calculate a 2.5 miles radiance from the town hall. That's what we have followed in the past, as ToastRack mentioned Christie's is 6 miles away.

We have spoke about doing 2 separate lists. The classic Manchester Crane Count and then a Greater Manchester Crane Count. Nothing has ever come out of it though.
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