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Crane Count

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I've listed everything I can remember, arranged roughly by area.

Southern City Centre
Beetham - 2
River City and surrounding projects - 4
St Georges - 3
Vie - 3
GN Tower - 2
Eagle Star House - 2
University Car Park Cambridge St - 2
MRI Superhospital - 5
Aurora - 1

Western City Centre/Greengate
CJC - 3
Spinningfields NCP - 1
Tempus - 1
Spectrum - 2
red ones near Spectrum - 2
John Rylands Library - 1
GMEN - 1
Rosetti Phase Two - 1

Northern City Centre/Piccadilly
Skyline Central - 3
Site next to Skyline Central - 2
Royal Mills/surrounds - 3
Piccadilly Place - 4
Green Quarter - 1
Issa Quay - 1
Piccadilly Car Park - 1
IVLA? - 1
Next to Ovale - 1

Salford Quays
Old Trafford - 2
NV Towers - 1
Citylofts - 2

This gives us 49 in town and 56 including the quays. Phenomenal.

A few more than this I'm sure, what are they people?

Ones to expect soon:

3 & 4 Hardman Square
Chancery Place
Probably a new Green Quarter one for Jefferson Place
Erie Basin Tower
40 Spring Gardens
More at spectrum
Sarah Tower perhaps
Pall Mall
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The next challenge now is to beat DUBLIN as they have 78!

Obviously others will come down in the meantime but we have

6 x Circle Square incl. MSCP
1 x Manchester New Square
2/3 x Oxygen
1 x City Gardens
1 x St George’s Gardens
1 x Unite Tower
1 x River Street Tower?
2 x The Lancastrian?
2 x 2 New Bailey
2 x The Residence
1 x StayCity
2 x 3 St Peters

Total 23 (and that’s just what’s broken ground at the moment). Who knows what the other half of the year will bring for projects starting.

Those yet to start (guesstimations) but likely to in 2018

3 x Crown St Tower
A lot x St. John’s
3 x Transition (supposed to start Q4)
2 x Stile & Gate
1 x 55 Portland St
2/3 x X1 Manchester Waters
1 x Hampton by Hilton
2 x Excelsior Mill

Total 15

grand total = 101 (38 + 63)
Being second to Dublin is no small feat considering:

1. Dublin is a capital city

2. Post Brexit they're the main English speaking city in the EU
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On the subject of Dublin I'm sure I read somewhere on here that many of the cranes in Dublin have been inactive for years and that many are not in the city centre so comparison isn't really valid. Can anyone shed any light on this?
Does anyone know the rough crane counts in Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Liverpool for comparison?
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It's like the Day of the Triffids, they're following you everywhere
"They just won't listen!
They keep going on their counting Cranes in Manchester.
I've tried to tell 'em -
We're just Bloody Magpies!"

Jesus the Triffids have arrived... RUN!
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It's got to be said City Centre Manchester viewed from Oldham at night looks like a thousand red fireflies buzzing over the city.
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I know we can't compare London to any other UK city but, watching the FA Cup quarter finals, the numbers of cranes just around Wembley Stadium was crazy.
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