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Crane Count

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I've listed everything I can remember, arranged roughly by area.

Southern City Centre
Beetham - 2
River City and surrounding projects - 4
St Georges - 3
Vie - 3
GN Tower - 2
Eagle Star House - 2
University Car Park Cambridge St - 2
MRI Superhospital - 5
Aurora - 1

Western City Centre/Greengate
CJC - 3
Spinningfields NCP - 1
Tempus - 1
Spectrum - 2
red ones near Spectrum - 2
John Rylands Library - 1
GMEN - 1
Rosetti Phase Two - 1

Northern City Centre/Piccadilly
Skyline Central - 3
Site next to Skyline Central - 2
Royal Mills/surrounds - 3
Piccadilly Place - 4
Green Quarter - 1
Issa Quay - 1
Piccadilly Car Park - 1
IVLA? - 1
Next to Ovale - 1

Salford Quays
Old Trafford - 2
NV Towers - 1
Citylofts - 2

This gives us 49 in town and 56 including the quays. Phenomenal.

A few more than this I'm sure, what are they people?

Ones to expect soon:

3 & 4 Hardman Square
Chancery Place
Probably a new Green Quarter one for Jefferson Place
Erie Basin Tower
40 Spring Gardens
More at spectrum
Sarah Tower perhaps
Pall Mall
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A crane has finally gone up at Taylorson Street now aswell.
Kids in the riot said:
Could it be the harbour city towers? :dunno:
No its for a poxy little development, about 8 storeys can't remember its name though, nothing to get exited about.
Not sure when it came down but City Lofts crane has gone.
A crane (green) is definetley being put up on the HBG site on Trafford Road facing the restaurants, think its for one of the hotels (Etap) but not sure.
Was going to to mention that crane on Chapel Street, anybody know whats going up there haven't seen anything mentioned. Also, they are in the process of knocking down the mill almost next door just past the post office on Oldfield Road, again anybody any knowledge of a proposal for this site?
Erie Basin crane has been down a couple of weeks however Abito now has 2 cranes. Taylorson Street and Broadway flats cranes have been down for ages now. Think I spotted a small tower crane going up recently somewhere in the Castlefield area.
If the crane on Trafford Road is the one for the Etap/Encore hotel then thats down too, wasnt sure the other day! Lack of cranes around the quays at the moment but that will change shortly!!!
5 cranes now at MediaCity!

Still dont know what that crane on Trafford Road is, as far as I know there aren't any near apart from those at Abito.
Just to confirm the 8th crane at Mediacity. Theres also one up now for block 2 of The Broadway flats.
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