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Crane Count

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I've listed everything I can remember, arranged roughly by area.

Southern City Centre
Beetham - 2
River City and surrounding projects - 4
St Georges - 3
Vie - 3
GN Tower - 2
Eagle Star House - 2
University Car Park Cambridge St - 2
MRI Superhospital - 5
Aurora - 1

Western City Centre/Greengate
CJC - 3
Spinningfields NCP - 1
Tempus - 1
Spectrum - 2
red ones near Spectrum - 2
John Rylands Library - 1
GMEN - 1
Rosetti Phase Two - 1

Northern City Centre/Piccadilly
Skyline Central - 3
Site next to Skyline Central - 2
Royal Mills/surrounds - 3
Piccadilly Place - 4
Green Quarter - 1
Issa Quay - 1
Piccadilly Car Park - 1
IVLA? - 1
Next to Ovale - 1

Salford Quays
Old Trafford - 2
NV Towers - 1
Citylofts - 2

This gives us 49 in town and 56 including the quays. Phenomenal.

A few more than this I'm sure, what are they people?

Ones to expect soon:

3 & 4 Hardman Square
Chancery Place
Probably a new Green Quarter one for Jefferson Place
Erie Basin Tower
40 Spring Gardens
More at spectrum
Sarah Tower perhaps
Pall Mall
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We are half way there considering a third of those in its peak were for MediaCity. As I recall MediaCity had 22/23 at one point. Considering the climate we are doing considerably well. however it seems silly not to include mobile cranes as we used to back in the day.

That's a great graph Voldy. Just shows that the number of cranes on the skyline really does reflect the economic conditions of the times!

So whilst we are clearly now starting to recover, there's still an awfully long way to go until we're back to the good times of the mid-noughties.
LOL I knew you would bring that up and refer back to the last tally. Including mobile cranes and I distinctly remember a few forumers mentioning (I've not just plucked it from thin air) there were approx 22/23 cranes on site at one point.

Certainly in the pic below there are more than 14. No matter how you look at it cranes are cranes, mobile or not.

Thanks Nathan :) I compiled it by looking through the various counts made on this thread.

Andrew - I don't think MediaCityUK ever saw more than 14 or so cranes, it certainly did not see 22/23. In fact......

Jrb's update in May 2008; when there were 58 cranes - shows what I think was the peak of MediaCity's crane count, and indeed the last peak in Manchester before the effect of the crash piled in - as shown on the graph.
I would say yes. Perhaps start a poll and put it to vote. I'll let you do the honours given you like your cranes. ;)

Fair enough.

Is the general consensus that we should include mobile cranes? Let me know

I would say yes but VDB has his own rules and would count it as a mobile crane. A crane is a crane and if it aides construction then it should be counted IMHO

He apparates every weekend :lol:
^^ and in the corner near the bridge

I'm going to be really ambitious and say we could get up to 60 cranes.

We know for certain there will be 4 at First Street South and I reckon at least 6 at Circle Square and thats just two sites.
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Maybe your highlighted text should be the colour of the crane [emoji13]

Thanks for the list. Exciting times.
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Think they are taking it down
New crane at Wilburn Basin
That yellow crane is a crane that puts up/takes down other cranes. VDB doesn't include mobile cranes in his list either
Oh look, Media City Tower has already risen and completed its cladding lol
It's sarcasm. Tom got what I meant.
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I still think we can make it to over 60 by the end of the year. Posted on 19th Feb 2017

^^ and in the corner near the bridge

I'm going to be really ambitious and say we could get up to 60 cranes.

We know for certain there will be 4 at First Street South and I reckon at least 6 at Circle Square and thats just two sites.
3rd crane finally up at Angel Gardens
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Surely there are more than 34 canes
Windmill Green is a mobile (large tho) crane unless I've missed something.
I'd expect a crane to appear at Citu NQ in the next couple of weeks too. Piling rig has gone.

Somewhere on this forum (can't remember which thread) I predicted we'd get over 60 cranes this year. Seem to be nearing that number ;)
Now on 49!

That all-time high of 63 is now looking ridiculously close
Not to mention 2/3 at Manchester New Square.

Speaking of that. Fencing is down on one side today. Get a good view of the site from ground level, not that I can see much in the way of crane bases
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Maybe try posting it in the Liverpool thread. Might get a better response ;)
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Let’s see those 8 at Circle Square rising NOW!

We're now 10 cranes away from beating our all-time record
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