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Crane Count

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I've listed everything I can remember, arranged roughly by area.

Southern City Centre
Beetham - 2
River City and surrounding projects - 4
St Georges - 3
Vie - 3
GN Tower - 2
Eagle Star House - 2
University Car Park Cambridge St - 2
MRI Superhospital - 5
Aurora - 1

Western City Centre/Greengate
CJC - 3
Spinningfields NCP - 1
Tempus - 1
Spectrum - 2
red ones near Spectrum - 2
John Rylands Library - 1
GMEN - 1
Rosetti Phase Two - 1

Northern City Centre/Piccadilly
Skyline Central - 3
Site next to Skyline Central - 2
Royal Mills/surrounds - 3
Piccadilly Place - 4
Green Quarter - 1
Issa Quay - 1
Piccadilly Car Park - 1
IVLA? - 1
Next to Ovale - 1

Salford Quays
Old Trafford - 2
NV Towers - 1
Citylofts - 2

This gives us 49 in town and 56 including the quays. Phenomenal.

A few more than this I'm sure, what are they people?

Ones to expect soon:

3 & 4 Hardman Square
Chancery Place
Probably a new Green Quarter one for Jefferson Place
Erie Basin Tower
40 Spring Gardens
More at spectrum
Sarah Tower perhaps
Pall Mall
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Is that the Davyhulme Treatment Plant one?
VDB, you need to add another crane to the list

Ellesmere Street today (from Cornbrook Metrolink station)

IMG_0543 by Claire & David Williamson, on Flickr
^^Would Ellesmere Street need another crane given the length of the site?

P.S. Sorry if I sounded a bit sharp on the post above - my apologies, I should have said "please"

It certainly took me by surprise hence the hurried photo
:lol: it's fine it didn't come across as sharp at all!

I like to think they'll be another crane here but can't know for sure. Certainly if all the other DeTrafford projects in this area start soon we'll have a sea of cranes in a few month's time! :)
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My projected crane count for south of the city centre :lol:

No1 Castlefield | Trentham St /Ellesmere St | 5/16 floors x 2/3 cranes

Cornbrook Hub - 3/4 cranes

Pomona Docks - between 6 to 8 cranes

Total: 11 to 15 cranes alone for this bit (probably wildly optimistic!)

Day off today for the tower crane drivers thanks to Storm Barbara. Merry Christmas to them all, I don't know how you cope with the heights, I get shaky going up stepladders.

Drat, ric you beat me to it :lol:

Yes, it is the Polygon development

IMG_2419 by Claire Williamson, on Flickr
+1 27-29 Ellesmere Street

Courtesy of Priscilla QOTD

They've closed Ellesmere Street to traffic today as they put up another tower crane:

From Caiman - 1 more crane

First of two tower cranes being erected today;

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From Master Builder on the Outwood Wharf Salford thread

QUOTE=Master_Builder;143551802]Looks good to go.


Cross-post from cwilko on the DakotaDeLuxe thread

On the way up at lunchtime yesterday. It's the last time I walked past so I imagine they've made a lot of progress since...

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Hmm, can one complain that the skyline is being ruined, like by the hand of a child's crayon, by dozens of multi-coloured little boy meccano structures?

I for one am going to complain to some persons in authority to have them all removed, immediately.
Sky Gardens crane(?) from Chester Road in Stretford

IMG_4599 by Claire Williamson, on Flickr

Blimey, crane base in place already. Plus the bulk excavation is well on the way. :)

-1 (hopefully temporarily) at Deansgate Square

20180914_073113 by Claire Williamson, on Flickr
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