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I continue Monday's tour around London. Here are a couple of shots of More London.

Make way for LBT!

A short walk South, one finds Tabard Square, coming along nicely

Back up to just behind the Tate Modern, Bankside One is looking good

Back South to Palestra, that overhang is crazy

Next, I crossed over the river, walking upstream along the embankment from Pimlico. Still not much happening at The Power Station

Chelsea Harbour is rather pleasant

Falcon Wharf, on the South side, is a third of the way up.

I think this site is Oyster Wharf, anyone?

to be continued

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Thanks for the pics.

Good to see they've started on the final part of More London (the HQ which Norton Rose are moving into).

Tabard Square and Palestra are coming along nicely too.
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