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next I walked around Wembley. Here are a couple of shots from the sides the webcam doesn't show

Then there is the mess that is Wembley Park tube station

After that, I took a look at St. Pancras, but it's hard to get close on the West side.

As I had Wembled, I had Emirate (which is distinctly less satisfying!)

To the right here is the stadium. The signs on the buildings on the left say 'Acquired for the Arsenal Development.' The crane in the centre is working on the garden of the brick building in front, which is a sixth-form college that is moving elsewhere.

I've no idea about this site on Holloway Road. Anyone?

Finally I walked along London Wall. The Royex House site is a lesson in why you should not play on building sites!

I don't know what they are building a little further East, at 1 Coleman Street, I think it said.

That concludes my whirlwind tour. Hope you liked it. My blisters are killing me this morning!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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