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I felt this article should be a front page thread and no rather then in a thread. So I'll ask the mods not to move it. Please....
Recent crank calls to military families claiming a family member had been killed in Afghanistan are "insensitive, amoral and disgusting," Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Wednesday.

MacKay made the comments after at least three military families at CFB Valcartier were targeted, with one wife being told her husband had been killed by a roadside bomb.

Military police are looking for the person responsible and say he or she could face jail time if caught.

Speaking to reporters on Parliament Hill, MacKay said anyone caught would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The CBC's Hannah Thibedeau reported that the military is seeking to remind families that it doesn't deliver such news over the phone. It is also sending letters to families, particularly families of new soldiers, outlining military protocols.

CFB Valcartier's family centre is offering counseling to families who have been targeted.

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Just disgusting. :no: Whoever's responsible for this should get ass kickin' from Canadians him/herself. :bleep:
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