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CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL | COLOMBO AND ARMAGH ST CNR | 17L | 70 Metres | Refurbishment Completed

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"international and local interests are considering turning Christchurch's badly damaged former Forsyth Barr building into a hotel, as the city gears up for next year's Cricket World Cup.

Colliers International says it has had interest from both overseas and local players in converting the damaged office block into a 200-room, 4.5 to 5-star hotel."


Fingers crossed the Forsyth Barr is about to get a lease of new life!
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243 by milan.luka116, on Flickr

Good to see she is staying.

I have a new appreciation for this building.
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Can't help but wonder how different these scenes will look in 5 years time. It'll feel like the centre of a city again.

023 by milan.luka116, on Flickr

009 by milan.luka116, on Flickr

011 by milan.luka116, on Flickr

016 by milan.luka116, on Flickr

137 by milan.luka116, on Flickr
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Just showing my love for the cities number 2 building. I'm so glad we've been able to restore this. I shudder to think we very nearly had the Pacific Tower as our only highrise.

024 by Milan Mann, on Flickr

023 by Milan Mann, on Flickr

022 by Milan Mann, on Flickr

021 by Milan Mann, on Flickr

020 by Milan Mann, on Flickr

019 by Milan Mann, on Flickr

018 by Milan Mann, on Flickr
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Do you not like Pacific Tower? I think it's a cool looking building.
I'm ok with the PT. More on account of its height than anything else. It's just not the best example of great architecture, especially when you compare it to the Pinnacle. I look forward to the day it loses its crown as our highest. I still have hope that will happen within the next 10 years. Likely going to be a hotel chain that forces the issue of height restrictions. But I wont go into that in this thread.
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