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"international and local interests are considering turning Christchurch's badly damaged former Forsyth Barr building into a hotel, as the city gears up for next year's Cricket World Cup.

Colliers International says it has had interest from both overseas and local players in converting the damaged office block into a 200-room, 4.5 to 5-star hotel."


Fingers crossed the Forsyth Barr is about to get a lease of new life!
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Just got to get Rydges and Millenium fixed up as well. Four years on and still no agreement with repairs for the latter one not underway it must be under- insured dispute so as not enough payout to cover all the cost of the repairs they should just bite the bullet and finance the repairs and get their hotels back open to create some income off their properties again.
I heard over a year ago that the Millennium was fixable at relatively low cost, but the owners were doing whatever they could to get the building declared a write-off and demolished because they'd rather take the insurance money than get a functioning hotel back which they didn't want any more.

I think they do want a hotel in ChCh, but a part of their thinking is that if the Anglicans don't allow the cathedral to be restored then Cathedral Square won't be a draw and they'd rather locate elsewhere
can the mayor/council/government not demand action on the cathedral tidy up? where exactly is it at now? what are we waiting for??? surely there comes a time when it must be declared environmentally a risk? what about health/rats/squattors/vandels etc You wouldnt be allowed to dump a pile of bricks in the middle of queen street in AUCKland so why is this situation allowed to exist...
Well I have exactly the opposite view (and perhaps my post was unclear).

In my view, pretty much all hope for Cathedral Square is lost unless the cathedral is restored. I'm glad it is still there in the shape it is, because that's the only hope for the Square as I see it. If the anglicans build their modest town-hall equivalent, then goodbye any prospect for serious investment in the Square. We'll get a few modest gap fillers populating the edges with time I suppose. My perception and some anecdotal evidence is that the reason we haven't had serious investment in the Square is because serious investors are holding off to see if the cathedral will be restored. If it won't they'll go somewhere else; to the new heart of the city.

Let's demolish it and move on doesn't work in my book. We get the demolition, and then moving on is a paddock or, worse, some cheap tilt-slab concoction.

I don't want to see the Square become a soul-less waste land. I'd honestly support using it for parking to support vibrancy elsewhere in the city if a half-arsed effort of a church hall with anything that follows that ends up getting built. I'm concerned that the convention centre is leading down that path because, although the renders look attractive, a convention centre is the diametric opposite of "vibrancy".

I may be a dreamer, but I still live in hope that the cathedral is going to be saved!
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It would be nice, but there is one question all heritage advocates fail to recognize. Who's going to pay for it?
If it goes I don't think it will be the end of the square, if anything its existence currently is holding everything up. Absolutely sick of coming down past the river or into the square and seeing that pile of rubble looming over everything and acting as a reminder of the quakes, so much for trying to move on. If they can't afford the repair than get rid of the damn thing. I think the reason investors are holding off is because none of the perspective tenants want to look down at it all day, the minute they finally do something about it than that area will see a big improvement.

Just my 2 cents.
I don't think there's a failure to recognise cost by heritage advocates - kinda the opposite actually. I believe its been reasonably well established that the money can be found to pay for it - just not from the anglican church. (This has been a discussion in other threads.) The problem is they've never offered that they will release the site (e.g. in exchange for another) if someone wants to take it on. Hence, there has never been the opportunity to put the theory that no one will pay for it to the test, hence stalemate.

People will have different perspectives and anecdotal evidence about why few developers have invested or are interested in Cathedral Square any more. But without the cathedral I think it would lose its reason for being somewhat, and I certainly understand office managers making a lease decision preferring say a river view than something sterile. I know someone who made exactly that assessment - when there was no commitment that the Cathedral was going to be there she just moved elsewhere. Of course there were other factors in the decision but that was part of it
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Lots of people like to hate on this building, but I actually really like it, always have and always will. Bob jones is an ass though, doesn't give a crap about christchurch anymore.
^^ Yeah Bob Jones is a clown. He had a chance to make it big back in the 80s/90s, but his ego did him in
It's pretty slow progress on this one isn't it
I meant it looks like the podium is going to get taller...
hey, there's scaffolding up on the heritage building opposite!
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