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Cuisine of Somalia | The Somali Merchants' Legacy | Info and Picture Gallery

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Somali cuisine varies from region to region and is a mixture of native Somali, Ethiopian, Yemeni, Persian, Turkish, Indian and Italian influences. It is the product of Somalia's tradition of trade and commerce. All food is halal. - Wiki
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Beef tripe

Boiled and stir fried to perfection.

I remember having camel milk during the months of ramadan. As for camel meat, I never had it and don't plan to in the future. Reason being that I barely eat red meat, not my thing. :banana:
Bocor katiitow (long green squash)

Bocor katiitow is used during the month of Ramadan when breaking fast. This dish is very popular in the Southern Somalia (Banadir and the Shabelle Regions) Bocor Katiitow should be served cold.

Source: Somalitea blogspot
It's one of delicacies in the South. :banana:
Where in Somalia do people eat this?
I hope not. I mean calooley is eaten everywhere in the world, you name the country and they cook it, chew it and swallow it afterwards. :lol:
I never had it. I watched countless times how it was prepared and cooked.

I just can't stomach stomach lining. :lol:
I know what you mean. :cheers:

I know, but I can't say anymore. otherwise, some people may puke.:lol:
Eritreans cook tripe the same way as Somalis do. :lol:

Fun fact: did you know that tripe is higher in protein and lower in fat than a T-Bone steak? yep! :banana:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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