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Cyberpark Ankara/Turkey

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While Cyberpark is established within the Bilkent University campus area, its proximity to the two other prominent universities of our country, METU and Hacettepe University, constitutes a great advantage to the Cyberpark members. Besides the existence of these three renown universities and related research groups, Bilkent Plaza, with all its socio-cultural opportunities, shopping and catering centers, sports, accommodation and other facilities, plays an important role by revolving the Cyberpark into a Cybercity. Bilkent University has allocated a land of 55.8 hectares in the west side of the campus area for Ankara Cyberpark. It is planned to build over 200,000 m2 of closed space including office spaces, industrial and storage areas within the Cyberpark.

About Cyberpark

Is established as a "business and entrepreneurship center" while developing appropriate tools and mechanisms such as venture capital and incubation center.

Is the first technopark in Turkey which is established as a private enterprise without using the public resources.

Has the flexibility of being managed by a private management company, which allows the participation of the tenant companies.

Is located in close proximity to eligible universities and qualified human resource, as well as public and private corporations which have R&D requirements.

Is established on a modern and valuable Satellite City having a broad range of high quality services like shopping, catering and banking services, sport facilities, social and cultural activities etc.

Provides access to the services of Bilkent Holding companies under special terms and conditions.

Has the internationalization perspective while relevant experience and relations of Bilkent Holding give rise to international corporation opportunities.

Hosts important associations such as Turkish Technology Development Foundation (TTGV).

Is developed as the technopark of the whole Ankara metropolis, which doesn’t even use the name of the founder university.

Is established on a world quality campus area, which offer lots of research, social, cultural and sports opportunities to the tenants, with a perspective that blends scientific and technological strengths of the participants with art and culture.


Ankara Cyberpark's primary mission is to create new resources and to improve the utilization of existing resources of its stakeholders (shareholders, tenants, academicians, students, government, Ankara Municipality, etc.) by providing its tenants with an atmosphere that creates synergy, the best quality and most cost-effective technopark services. As a part of its mission, Ankara Cyberpark will become a recognized center of excellence for scientific and technological development by means of:

-Providing a new model for two-way interaction between the universities (particularly Bilkent University at the first stage) and businesses on the Technopark, through the greater involvement of academics, students and research staff. This will lead to the universities becoming more entrepreneurial in teaching, research and technology transfer activities, and the businesses becoming more innovative through the application of new technologies and knowledge.

-Creating a cluster of technologically advanced national and international companies, research and academic institutions by bringing them together into an ecosystem that promotes and creates new types of synergies between the scientific and the entrepreneurial communities.

-Encouraging the birth and growth of new companies and institutions that contribute to increases in technology development and export potential of Ankara and Turkey.


Higher technological and scientific advancement,
More R&D studies and increased R&D return rates,
More start-ups,
More support for SMEs,
More high technology based companies,
More foreign investment,
More export potential,
More jobs,
Less brain migration,
More commercially oriented courses,
More synergy,
Less costly production,
Better living standards,
Better workplaces,
Better use of benchmarks to upgrade performance


The idea of developing the Ankara Cyberpark with Bilkent University will be extended over time to cover several universities and research institutions, which will lead to the evolution of a Cybercity serving the entire Ankara metropolis. When Cyberpark accomplishes its objective, Ankara will acquire a ‘Silicon Valley’.

Center for IT related research and development:

Currently aeronautical and space related electronics and IT is the largest niche for research and development in Turkey. In addition, being the capital, Ankara is where all headquarters of government organizations related to these niches are located. Ankara Cyberpark will provide a secure environment for the development of products and services in co-operation with these industries, leading to decreased dependency on external suppliers. The Cyberpark will also be a platform for the development and application of these technologies in other sectors including government, education, finance, telecommunications and other emerging sectors with growth potential.

Platform of Internationalization:

Ankara Cyberpark will be a catalyst to foster the internationalization of tenant organizations resulting in increased exports and the sourcing of new technologies, using European and international knowledge networks to which Ankara Cyberpark will be associated. Ankara Cyberpark will also be a gateway to access international resources, such as programs funded by the European Union, World Bank, UNDP, OECD, etc.

Sensitivity and respect for the environment:

Ankara Cyberpark will aid the Bilkent community and its surrounding territory through increasing the quality of living by setting higher urban design standards which would include low density development, providing a significant amount of green space and sufficient parking area and by limiting its use to non-polluting occupants.

Arts, culture, technology and science composition:

Rather than being a sole industrialization area, Cyberpark will be an organization blending scientific and technological strengths of the participants with arts and culture.

Esteemed Brand:

Drawing on the potential of the three Universities in the area with 40,000 students, (including 70% of all Turkish graduates in the fields of electrical, electronic engineering and computer sciences) Cyberpark will be developed and promoted as an outstanding location to attract international companies particularly in the IT and electronics sectors.Ankara Cyberpark will be a brand arousing pride and prestige over the world as well as Turkey.


The operating company offers a broad range of qualified services to meet the demands of the participants, encourage their activities and improve their living standards. Some of these services are: incubation center services, marketing, sales, animation, access to financial resources and grants, counseling & training, life-long learning, ISP services, reception, postal and cargo services, accounting office services, conference services, security, maintenance, repair & landscaping services, restaurant/shops, sports and health club, medical care, fire extinguishing, travel agency, guesthouse, tenants club, creche, agencies, financial service, heating and lighting services, cleaning services, telephone, insurance, stationary supplies and infrastructure supplies.


In Cyberpark, mainly the firms and/or the related units of the firms carrying on the activities, dominantly R&D activities based on information and technology development will be accepted. These main areas, though not limited, are the followings:

Software Development
Multimedia Technologies
Analog and digital broadcasting technologies
Wireless and mobile communication systems
Fiber and other terrestrial communication systems and technologies
Defense and security technologies
Satellite communication and microwave technologies
Space and aviation technologies
Computer, communication and periphery equipments production
Biomedical engineering and medical equipments production
Other electrical and electronical tools and systems production
Biotechnology and bioengineering
Energy production and transformation technologies
Chemistry and material technologies

Other than the firms functioning in the above described areas, technopark support companies like banks, investment firms, consulting and training agencies can participate in Cyberpark.

Cyber Plaza



Vakif Building

Tepe Building

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