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[CZ] Czechia | road infrastructure • České dálnice

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Thread appointed to discuss and show motorways (dálnice) and expressways (rychlostní silnice) in entire Czechia

Motorways: 1007 km planned length; 626 km + 18 km (half profile) in operation; 61 km u/c

Expressways: 1150 km planned length; 406 km + 37 km (half profile) in operation; 36 km u/c

newly opened: 24,0 km of motorways; 25,9 km of expressways
construction start: 65,8 km of motorways; 50,7 km of expressways

newly opened: 40,2 km + 29,8 km (half profile) of motorways; 27,3 km of expressways
construction start: 71,9 km of motorways; 150,2 km of expressways

newly opened: 47,7 km of motorways; 36,4 km of expressways
construction start: 96,2 km of motorways; 123,3 km of expressways

newly opened: 33,1 km of motorways; 125,6 km of expressways
construction start: 64,5 km + 12,9 km (half profile) of motorways; 131,3 km of expressways

newly opened: 16,1 km of motorways; 84,5 km of expressways
construction start: 7,9 km of motorways; 48,9 km of expressways

newly opened: 72,2 km of motorways; 76,9 km of expressways
construction start: 9,7 km of motorways; 29,8 km of expressways

newly opened: 85,1 km + 6,3 km (extension profile) of motorways; 83,9 km of expressways
construction start: 6,4 km of motorways; 33,1 km of expressways

newly opened: 40,4 km + 6,6 km (extension profile) of motorways; 99,2 km of expressways

newly opened: 9,7 km (extension profile) of motorways; 102,2 km of expressways

Previous thread about Czech Higways
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more to come soon, I have to do some exams first :)
Everything depends on money so we will see... :)
Expressway between Žilina and Ostrava is definitly needed. There is already heavy traffic, mainly freight, and after Kia factory in Žilina and Hyundai in Nošovice will be built, then it will even increased.

Now something more current in the west of the country:
The following 23,4km long part of D8 motorway [Prague - Ústí nad Labem - CZ/D border - (Dresden)] from the city of Ústí nad Labem to Czech/German border (Km 69,3 – 92,7) will be opened this year in December. German A17 from CZ/D border via Pirna to Dresden will be opened at the same time.

Photos from June 2006

Km 69,5; 1060m long flyover bridge near city of Ústí nad Labem, behind it starts 468m long bridge over Ždínické brooks

Km 70,0

Km 74,0

Km 76,5; escapist zone, České Středohoří mountains in distance

Km 77,0

Km 80,0; flyoverbridge Knínice is visible in distance

Km 81,0; 1070m long Knínice flyoverbridge and Libouchec tunnel (535m)

Km 81,5

Km 82,5

Km 83,0; Libouchec tunnel south portal

Km 83,5; north Portal of Libouchec tunnel and south portal of Panenská tunnel

Km 86,5; north portal of Panenská tunnel (2021m), photo from July 2005

Km 87,0; last exit before Germany, photo from 2.9.2006

Km 88,5

Km 89,0; 525 m long Mordova rokle bridge

Km 91,0

Km 92,0; Rybný potok bridge (354m)

photo from 10/2005

Km 92,5; 510 m long CZ/D border bridge, 56 m above ground level, the tunnel (Harthe) is already in Germany


visualisation (114MB)
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Sorry Verso, I've somehow missed point of your post. Would you write it "in words of one syllabe" I could grasp it? :)
Usually? I don't know, where? IMO expressways are marked as thin motorways usually. True is that there are only little differences between Motorway and Expressway.
I must admit you are right. That's problem of the map (or creator of the map), it doesn't offer exact information to its users. But what is important for us here in Czechia is we know that these expressways exist, they are marked on our maps and we can drive our cars on them :D
According to and 2007-2009 (section from Bohumín to CZ/PL border). See this
Ano, poslední 3,5km dálnice D5. A bude tam vůbec první tunel na dálnici u nás (dlouhý plných 350 m :) )
tady je foto ze září

...a ze dne otevřených dveří tento víkend

Bohužel mám teď málo času na updaty, docela bych uvítal kdyby se tu objevil někdo od nás a trochu s tím pohnul. Já sem budu chodit jak budu moct, ale už to bude z mé strany asi chudší. Naštěstí tohle fórum žije a to hlavně díky Slovensku a Bratislavě :)
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Yesterday last 3.5km of total 151 km long D5 motorway (Prague-Pilsen-D/CZ border-Nürnberg) together with german A6 from border to A93 had been opened so since now the czech motorway network is connected with germans one and whole western europe as well.
380m long "Valík" tunnel is included on D5.

Motorway police centre for Valík tunnel

Dynamic weighing machine

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On the 31st October, new 6,9km section of R48 expressway in Northern Moravia was opened. It's part from Dobrá to Tašanovice. Remaining part to Czech-Polish borders in legth 5.2km should be opened next year.

photos made in October

August 2006
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Photos of 24km long section of D8 motorway [Prague-CZ/D-(Dresden)] from Ústí nad Labem to CZ/D borders, which will be opened this December.

previous photos here

photos made on the 31st October

Flyover bridge Knínice (1070m) before Libouchec tunnel

Libouchec tunnel (500m)

Panenská tunnel (2010m)

one of bridges

Border bridge (410m, 56m above ground level)

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video showing situation of D8 u/c on the 31st October (completion term end of December)
On the 27th October, 3km long bypass of Otrokovice (city in central Moravia), part of R55 expressway had been opened.

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Memorial of the victims of D1 motorway

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bridge over Hačka brook in Ore mountains near Chomutov, R7 expressway
05 and 07/2006

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I don't know but I'll try to find something about it.
^for sure, something like that. I was quite surprised when I saw it because I didn't have "ahnung" they are building something like that there. It's probably only this short section as a necessary part of Chomutov bypass.
This December new 42kms of D11 Motorway [(Prague-Hradec Králové-(Wroclaw)] is going to be opened. Photos taken this October.

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^ yes, To Hradec. It will temporarily ends about 4km before Hradec Králové due to few ecologist fellowships bought land where it should go through.

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Marek, the pleasure is fully mine. :)
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