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[CZ] Czechia | road infrastructure • České dálnice

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Thread appointed to discuss and show motorways (dálnice) and expressways (rychlostní silnice) in entire Czechia

Motorways: 1007 km planned length; 626 km + 18 km (half profile) in operation; 61 km u/c

Expressways: 1150 km planned length; 406 km + 37 km (half profile) in operation; 36 km u/c

newly opened: 24,0 km of motorways; 25,9 km of expressways
construction start: 65,8 km of motorways; 50,7 km of expressways

newly opened: 40,2 km + 29,8 km (half profile) of motorways; 27,3 km of expressways
construction start: 71,9 km of motorways; 150,2 km of expressways

newly opened: 47,7 km of motorways; 36,4 km of expressways
construction start: 96,2 km of motorways; 123,3 km of expressways

newly opened: 33,1 km of motorways; 125,6 km of expressways
construction start: 64,5 km + 12,9 km (half profile) of motorways; 131,3 km of expressways

newly opened: 16,1 km of motorways; 84,5 km of expressways
construction start: 7,9 km of motorways; 48,9 km of expressways

newly opened: 72,2 km of motorways; 76,9 km of expressways
construction start: 9,7 km of motorways; 29,8 km of expressways

newly opened: 85,1 km + 6,3 km (extension profile) of motorways; 83,9 km of expressways
construction start: 6,4 km of motorways; 33,1 km of expressways

newly opened: 40,4 km + 6,6 km (extension profile) of motorways; 99,2 km of expressways

newly opened: 9,7 km (extension profile) of motorways; 102,2 km of expressways

Previous thread about Czech Higways
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I don't know if there's any value of this post :D but still... I think it's a pity to see how few 'cool' roads there are in Czech Republic if you look at many maps, especially those with a scale of let's say 1:3,000,000 (like maps of Europe), considering that especially in CZ the (at least) 4-lane expressways (rychlostní silnice) are almost as good as the motorways (dálnice), even with the same speed limit (130 km/h) and hard shoulders, if I'm right.
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^ You usually see (4-lane) expressways shown on maps just as ordinary 2-lane roads, but in fact (especially in CZ) they are almost as good as motorways.
^ Yes, in greater scale (or in smaller? :D ), but on maps of the entire Europe not really. Or for example, here u don't know untill u come very close (like looking just at Brno for example) - or on the Freytag&Berndt's map of Europe...
^ :D
Yeah well, I just think CZ is sth special about it, b/c the speed limit is the same as on motorways, there are hard shoulders, if I'm correct, and u've got many more of them than other countries. But yeah, as I've already written in the 9th post, I don't know if this discussion has any value, so... :D
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^ That's true, but you also have foreign cities, when you get closer to the border. I know there are signs for Berlin in Poland, and in Gdańsk, Ostrava is totally unimportant. You just have that fetish for border. :)
^ We don't have that, and I've only seen it once in my life, I think it was in Italy, but I'm not sure.
My previous car. :cheer: As if no one drives it. :lol: But it has surprisingly few buttons, mine had a lot more iirc; I didn't know there were such differences. Good road! :) Frýdek-Místek sounds funny. :)

Nice ride, X236K! This sign is particularly cool. :)
I just saw this exact sign in Slovenia today. :D So it wasn't in Italy. :D I wonder if there are more...
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^ Peugeot 407, I told a while ago. :cheers:

MORE buttons...? What for...?
No idea, I usually drive, so I never really use them. :lol: Too bad we had crappy Eastern European cars when I was a kid. :lol:
MORE buttons...? What for...?
Actually, now I know why there was a feeling of more buttons - b/c of a big "button" for regulating temperature (manual AC), so it was actually worse. :D And only now I saw wood on the right. :drool:
I don't think the lack of a physical separation is so important to make it 1×4. I'd call that 2×2.
By the way, your link only showed the first batch of pics.

here you can see the whole trip. :)
This is even better. :) Great pics, btw! :cheers:
Check out this post... there's no highway, the road is often going through cities, villages... there's too many trucks and cars... I dont like that road. Although the norths route is little bit shorter, I always use the south one using D1.
But at least the nature is beautiful, the pavement is good and the road is wide. :cheers: Such wide roads are almost non-existent in Slovenia (except for 500 km of motorways and expressways). I don't think we have more than 600 km of wide roads here.
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Ok, but already this road is wide for Slovenian standards (excluding motorways and expressways):
Although even our 2-lane "expressways" without emergency lanes are narrower, like the H1 Ljubljana - Zagreb:

And this is a typical major ordinary 2-lane road in Slovenia (G8 Ljubljana - Villach) - not narrow, but not wide either:

I know, we both have Jesenice. ;)

I don't think 600 km of wide roads (including motorways and expressways) is that bad for Slovenia, but it tells you what kind of a road infrastructure we had before we had (so many) motorways and expressways.
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^ If you mean the H1 Ljubljana - Zagreb, it's quite old. I don't know when exactly it was completed, but according to a book I have here, they started building it in 1958 (Dálnice bratrství a jednoty ;)). But beside this road, the only old (before 1970s) wide road I know of was the road Kranj - Medvode (halfway old road to Ljubljana (now R211)), and that's just 10 km. Perhaps there were some more, but not many for sure.
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Wow, that's Russian-style width, just more neat. :D

Sometimes you see such wide roads in Switzerland, and then speed limit 80 km/h. :lol:
Great videos on The City Ring of Prague (a 33 km long urban expressway around the city center, 1/3 out of it in tunnels) and on Blanka tunnels in particular (a part of it currently u/c).
Very interesting! :cheers:
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