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[CZ] Czechia | road infrastructure • České dálnice

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Thread appointed to discuss and show motorways (dálnice) and expressways (rychlostní silnice) in entire Czechia

Motorways: 1007 km planned length; 626 km + 18 km (half profile) in operation; 61 km u/c

Expressways: 1150 km planned length; 406 km + 37 km (half profile) in operation; 36 km u/c

newly opened: 24,0 km of motorways; 25,9 km of expressways
construction start: 65,8 km of motorways; 50,7 km of expressways

newly opened: 40,2 km + 29,8 km (half profile) of motorways; 27,3 km of expressways
construction start: 71,9 km of motorways; 150,2 km of expressways

newly opened: 47,7 km of motorways; 36,4 km of expressways
construction start: 96,2 km of motorways; 123,3 km of expressways

newly opened: 33,1 km of motorways; 125,6 km of expressways
construction start: 64,5 km + 12,9 km (half profile) of motorways; 131,3 km of expressways

newly opened: 16,1 km of motorways; 84,5 km of expressways
construction start: 7,9 km of motorways; 48,9 km of expressways

newly opened: 72,2 km of motorways; 76,9 km of expressways
construction start: 9,7 km of motorways; 29,8 km of expressways

newly opened: 85,1 km + 6,3 km (extension profile) of motorways; 83,9 km of expressways
construction start: 6,4 km of motorways; 33,1 km of expressways

newly opened: 40,4 km + 6,6 km (extension profile) of motorways; 99,2 km of expressways

newly opened: 9,7 km (extension profile) of motorways; 102,2 km of expressways

Previous thread about Czech Higways
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Timoth12 said:
So this year and again 2008 and 2009 are the highlists of the highway construction. in 2009 impressive number of more than 100 km of new opened sections :cheers:

And, also the expressway between Zilina and Ostrava seem to be more and more realistic. On is an article,where Czech Ministry of Transport expressed the will to plan and construct expressway /Jablunkov bypass is already U/C,but I am not sure, whether it´s expressway/ :)
Yes, I've read it yesterday in newspaper Pravda, here is link:
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Timoth12 said:
Yes, just for the information to the others - little off topic: Pravda is now owned by British newspaper company. ;)
I cannot see any connection between new owner of Pravda and highway between Žilina and Ostrava. It is very offtopic.
How many kilometres of highways were opened this year in Czech republic?
Nice, you are building them pretty fast.:applause:
St. hranice means border if i'm correct, i haven't seen this that way in western Czechia. I have never visited eastern Czechia.
This motorway is actually in Silesia what is Eastern part of Czech republic. Eastern Czechia is completely different region.
I've heard some time before that painting these lines directly after new asphalt was applied, is only temporary and it shoud be recured after some time
Maybe there's still not the last layer of asphalt. One section of Slovak R3 was opened before completition without the last asphalt layer and with temporary painted lines and after few weeks of winter the lines are almost invisible:

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I don't think so. Even if it were like you've said, this road would be full of small bumps (at least in Poland it is so when there are no all asphalt layers)
Maybe, but what sense has painting temporary lines on finished road?
nice. now i remember that we have few blue cat lights. actually, not cat lights, but LED in tunnels - they sign how large the distance should be kept.

i have one more question - this plant - is it nuke or thermo?
It's coal power plant in Třebovice.

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Can someone explain me the prefixes? I see I/xx or Sxx or Rxx or Dxx, I know what the last two are, but I'm not sure about the others. Do those I/xx numbers mean some kind of classification? (like class I, class II etc.)
R means expressways, D means motorway, S means road (silnice), but AFAIK "S" is not used in names of roads only in parameters of roads (e.g. S 11,5/80). You can say D1 or R50, but something like S11 I see for the first time in the last post by X236K in this thread:). Roads or "silnice" are being named simply with numbers, for example road 11. More usual form is, however, I/11 where "I" means it's first class road as ABRob said. That "I" is actually useless there since you know it's first class road from the number of digits - first class roads have one or two digits numbers, but it looks better.:)
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There will be two more important parts of road 11 U/C very soon. For detailed information follow the links (opens PDF file).
I would rather see some upgrade of I/11 between Český Těšín and Mosty u Jablunkova.:D
Believe me that this stretch is much more critical. A friend of mine died over there year ago. Anyway, there is a plan to upgrade the 11 between CT and Mosty, see the link
I believe you. Is this stretch already U/C or still only planned?
Nice video. 80 km/h speed limit through 2x2 tunnel? :nuts:
That's standard in Czech Republic and I think in many other countries as well.
I have no idea. I grew up already in the Czech Republic, but I asked in our czech forum and I hope I'll have an answer ASAP ;)
According to the book:

Transition from yellow to white horizontal traffic signs. When it
turned out that both our standards and European standards
allow white road markings for motorways as well, the foreign
purchase of yellow paint was abandoned.
There is no date when it happened, but this text is surrounded by pictures from the first half of 1970's.
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Frankly speaking, this is the first time I hear about using yellow color in Czech... :)
I guess there were only few such sections. At home I have old "Autoatlas ČSSR" from 1975. It's in quite bad shape:D , but on its top page yellow markings are visible (sorry for quality):

BTW, another interesting fact:

At the beginning of July 1971 the Prague–
Mirošovice section is ready to be put into
operation. For motorways yellow road surface
markings were reserved. It was not equipped
with a centre guardrail since the centre barrier
line was considered at that time to be sufficient
security against driving into opposing
traffic. The traffic regulations did not contain
speed limits outside of municipalities.
For that
reason drivers of fast cars could make maximum
use of vehicle speeds with impunity.
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btw, motorway history:

why is the prague beltway in a very initial stage?

according to the "70 years" book the its first section (slivenec-trebonice, 6.9km) was opened in 1983.

since then (26 years) it was extended with 9km in 4 stages...

why is that extremely low tempo?

Praha is in a very centralised position (maybe more like budapest) I assume that there is a significant transit traffic...
Prague has central position within Bohemia, but not within whole Czech Republic. And the reason why the outer ring is progressing so slowly may be the fact Prague has more rugged topography than Budapest.:dunno:
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D1 and D2 are very old motorways. In this case simple repaving won't help for long time as the roadbed is already pretty much damaged. But, it should be done anyway even though it's expensive, because some sections are indeed terrible.
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