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Ústí nad Labem

When travelling on Berlin - Dresden - Prague track, you pass thorough a picturesque scenery of steep hills along the Elbe valley where you happen - in area around German-Czech border. About 40 km from the border, centre of North-Western Bohemia, Ústí nad Labem (pop 94,900; 2007), welcomes in tiny basin made of Labe (german Elbe) and Bílina rivers... It is difficult to find a landmark of Ústí nad Labem (Aussig an der Elbe in German) recognisable from abroad, if any. Therefore here is a presentation to find one out :). The Střekov Castle, built on a steep rock deserves to be one. Ústí is a city of largest scale of WWII damage in Czech republic and as such lacks of spectacular historical architecture. Nevertheless, its unique localisation and corner-by-corner contrast may attract Berlin (270 km)- Prague (100 km) travellers to get out of the train for several hours.


Welcome on main railway station (reconstructed in 2007, so no more scared German tourists here)

IC Berlin-Dresden-Ústí/L-Prague-Brno-Vienna plus the Mariánská skála rock beyond

The Mariánský bridge against Mariánská rock

Central Ústí

This church is almost to rival Pisa Tower since its deflection after 2002 floods on Labe

St. Vojtěch Church

Town Theatre

Town Museum (out of order since 2002 flood, waiting for reconstruction)

Peace Square (central one, damaged by 1945 bombing; neofunctionalist "Zdar Palace" completed northern part of the square in 2008)

Other random pics

Ústí in times of prettier weather

Střekov Castle

The village of Brná in undercastle terrain

between central square and Mariánská rock

between central square and the rest of the centre (Zdar Palace still in construction here)

Mariánská rock plus a triad of town bridges across Labe (rail bridgey, Edvard Beneš bridge, Mariánský bridge)

Mariánský bridge – a road and high-speed railway both in tiny place under the rock

… one colouredp effect with Krásné Březno i Neštěmice commie-block area beyond


Another pointless shopping centre is going to be built here

Spolchemie chemistry factory is managed from this building

The Větruše look-out tower with arestaurant (after 2005 reconstruction) above central Ústí

Last but not least, Panoramas

Coloured pics from the same places

Almost complete view

The Vrkoč fall in Vaňov district

Wikipedia bonus

A trolley-bus

Holocaust Memorial

Town spa

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