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[Czech rep. regional centres] Brno

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When driving on highway from Prague to Brno, you pass the -hidden in woods- Moto Circuit just when entering Brno city propper. Moto Grand Prix of Czech republic is very likely the best known regular happening in Brno recognised from abroad. Largest city in historical land of Moravia, populated by 403,000 it is the second largest city in Czech republic and tries to be at least a kind of Prague's social, economical and cultural counterbalance. As a center of former Czechoslovak Fair Trade Capital Brno benefits from its large and well developed fair grounds. Thanks to this fact and also due to its favorable position between Vienna and Prague, in matter of importance and investment Brno competites with larger cities of the region, Bratislava, Cracow or Wroclaw. Compared to other presented Czech regional centres Brno is quite a large place and therefore I divide pictures into three posts. Enjoy Brno, valuable 19th and early 20th century architecture in particular.


Part 1

Panorama views from Špilberk Castle towards East and North of the city

Malinovského náměstí (Malinovský Square) and surrounds

Central Brno streets (mostly Kobližná, Jánská, Josefská, Minoritská, Poštovská)

Kobližná street, a popular walking track for single pigeons

Náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) and surrounds

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I've been to Brno many times - very nice city with wonderfull architecture as well as good night life :cheers:

The only thing which I didn't like was that the city is quite empty during the weekends.

There are also very nice caves near the city which I've managed to visit :cheers:

BTW You forgot to mentioned that the city has a building which is on the UNESCO list :cheers:

One more thing - to some extent Brno plays a similar role like Poznan in Poland - the biggest Fair Trade center in the country. :)
Part 2

Winter impression...

Petrov Cathedral

Šilingrovo náměstí (Šilingr Square)

Zelný trh (Cabbage market) and surrounds

Central Brno streets (mostly Františkánská, Radniční, Průchodní, Panská, Dominikánská, Mečová)

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