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[Czech rep. regional centres] Hradec Králové

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Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové (literally Stronghold of Queens) is one of two regional centres in Eastern Bohemia. In Czech republic it is famous for its ambicious interwar funkcionalist architecture mostly of Josef Gocar and Jan Kotera. Local patriots used to call Hradec as "The saloon of Czechoslovakia" those times. The city is located on a confluence of Orlice and Labe (Elbe) rivers and is populated by 94,300 people (2008). Distance from Prague is about 105 km (65 mi) easternwards, a highway connection works since 2006. One can make a stop in Hradec when coming to Prague from Warsaw - Wroclaw track, Poland.


The Major Square

The Minor Square

Eastern Bohemian Museum

The chateaux

Downtown views

The Holy Ghost Cathedral

The White Tower

Along the Elbe river banks

Old brewery, after reconstruction

On a track to a railway station

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My photos don't belong among the brightests, so here are some brighter ones:

Reconstructed Ice-hockey stadium

New building of the Faculty of medicine, Hradec Kralove Univesity

Along Orlice river, closed to its confluence with Labe (Elbe)

A night view

New bus terminal, in construction

Hradec Kralove panorama

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