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[Czech rep. regional centres] Jihlava

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Kapitola 3 - Jihlava

After Brno, the largest centre of Czech administrative regions after Prague, I am introducing the smallest one. Population of Jihlava oscilate around 50,000 only and it is actually a regional centre just thanks to the fact it is situated in low-densed highlands area between Prague and Brno (which are too far away from each other not to find a one regional centre in between). Nevertheless, Jihlava had been an important mining town since medieval ages and one of largest Czech cities for ages. It has kept its regional dominance and therefore it contains of valuable architecure.

Jihlava on map of Czech republic

central Square

Town hall

St. Ignac from z Loyola Church

A supermarket building (pseudomoderna from the 70s :eek:hno:)

examples from downtown architecture

One of town gates

and one picture from beyond the centre

A part of original fortification

Skyline :D

The Ježek (Hedgehog) brewery

Legendarny ice-hockey hall unfortunatelly in ran-down condition

Football stadium (not legendary yet)

Skyline II (roofs of town mini-zoo to the front)

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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