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Karlovy Vary

Friday again. Therefore here is the 9th out of 13 chapters about regional centres of Czech republic.

The Westernmost former Eastern European bigger town* is called Karlovy Vary, but may be rather known under its german equivalent of Karlsbad. Although the second smallest among all 13 Czech regional centres (pop 52,000), it belongs among the easier recognisable. A reputation of a lets-say-famous spa town, the International Film Festival and the Becherovka liquer are characteristic which have made Karlovy Vary more international than other Czech towns and cities. Situated 130 km (80 mi) western from Prague, the town awaits fans of architectural historism in particular.

* "former" in meaning of political East Bloc; former GDR excluded

Karlovy Vary on a map of Czech republic

Along the Teplá river

The Colonnade

The Vřídlo stream, 73°C

Other spa builings

central pedestrian zone


The Plague Column

The Thermal Hotel

The Orthodox Curch

Karlovy Vary from surrounding look out places and towers


I come in peace \V/
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really nice little town :) :eek:kay:
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