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[Czech Republic] Breweries

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Hi to all!
This weekend I was in Polička (Pardubický district) and we were in beautiful old brewery: "Měšťanský pivovar v Poličce" So I had idea to establish a new thread about breweries.

So my first tribute:

It is like in Postřižiny (famous Menzel's film)
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hehehe, you Czechs sure love your beer :cheers1:
nice local brewery, they have even one pub in Prague according to their webpage :)
Pivovar Konrad Vratislavice

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hehehe, you Czechs sure love your beer :cheers1:
Nope, I prefer vodka and bacardi:) should start with pilsner! :)
:) czech beer is good..

Budovar ;)
Pilsner Urquell...

Do these MicroBreweries import outside of the borders? International?
Ill do business with them :)
I tasted beer once, and hummmmmmmmmmmmm.........

It tasted like hell.
Do these MicroBreweries import outside of the borders? International?
Nope, they don't export beer. They are so unique and so more tasty because they aren't in some huge corporation like Heineken, SAB Miller or so on. That's what I love beer from small breweries for. They don't taste like some usual EURObeer which you can drink from Madrid to Kiev. For example Gambrinus (made in Pilsen) is one of this eurobeers:down: But there are of course exceptions - Plzeňský prazdroj, then I realy like Starobrno 11° and Zlatý Bažant(Heineken)
Starobrno, Brno - Heineken group

My favourite pub at Mendlovo square:cheers:

And speciality: Green beer 13°... I was drinking in 2x and every time it ended quite bad:)
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hmm intresting, where is this? In the old industrial center of Brno?
It is located here:[email protected][email protected]=120640421_126928769_150459301_149899137 between current city centre and exhibition ground. In the past, this was the origin city centre. (this city quarter is named Old Brno)
ahhh beauty..
no wonder i cant find it..
its in the castle i had no clue about....

I actually walked around that area, near a hill top in the middle of the evening, when it was turning to dusk.

I wanted a castle :mad: but no castle in sight! It got fustrating.
And then all of a sudden i see a hill and i thought it may be a cemetary....and i walk more and there was nothing, so i turned right, was kinda sketchy....saw a couple of ladies outside and a male strip club...;)

then i saw some main hall and walked back...
I stayed on some Josefokov street :mad: Memories.....
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Černá hora brewery (south moravia)

Keep free posting your local breweries;)
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This thread is so lovely... It seems I have many many breweries to try :cheers1:
How bout you put some Liquer/spirit places?

Who makes Absinthes and that Herbal Liquor of Berkouva?
Just yesterday in the pub we were talking about famous citizens from our cities and friend from Liberec told us about Konrad Henlein:) But he didn't mentioned that beer is named after him...
Oh...I remembered one video from Česká soda - Škoda Henlein

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