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Düsseldorf: My district Oberkassel

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Oberkassel is one of four districts on the left side of the river Rhine. Two bridges connect Oberkassel with the Oldtown which is 2 km away.
Europe's biggest japanese community live here and the district already have a japanese school, a japanese Kindergarten and the only japanese temple in Europe.

Buildings at the Kaiser Wilhelm Ring

Most buildings are landmarked

Viwe to the other side of the river Rhine - The Oldtown

The Rhinetower

Oberkassel seen form the oservation deck of the Rhinetower

More coming soon...
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Very german including the weather. :yes:
Very pretty district you live in!
Gorgeous pix! I thoroughly enjoyed that tour!!!!!
:eek2: this is really beautiful...especially the last picture, it gave me an idea to build something like this in Simcity...great tour, thnx alot :cheers:
tiger said:
Very german including the weather. :yes:
Yes the weather is indeed very bad right now. I will try to take some photos on a sunny day
Funny. I've been to your district once (took the wrong exit :D) I always thought it was the city of Neuss

Germany is a great place to live.
Forza Raalte said:
I always thought it was the city of Neuss
You have to suffer for that :guns1:

Very Nice :eek:kay:
New photos from Düsseldorf Oberkassel. I hope you like them :)

At the Drakeplatz

Buildinmgs at the Luegallee. It's the main road in Oberkassel

on the next side you can find the Barbarossaplatz. In the background you can see the Antonius church.

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i used to have seminars in the metro skyscraper there and had a good view from there over Oberkassel
..nice part of the city
Man, I just love the Gründerzeitviertel!
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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