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jive turkey
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Its about time.. no more "point, click and hope for the best" outings.
I'll spare you the details and get right down to brass tacks..
These are some of the first images from the new device..
A couple are taken from my perch on the 1st Ave off-ramp while I was learning to use the cam..
So don't freak when you see a couple that look the same..
Future threads will be more in depth.. this is just a preview ;)

[@ 1280x960 or higher]

From "The Perch"



Out-n-about...[a few random]

under the bridge

I hope you folks like panos.. you'll be seeing alot of em' in the future..
The quality will improve also. These had to be resized due to a weak wireless upload..

the other night I spent 3 hrs and took over 100 images trying to capture lightning..
needless to say its tricky.. this made me respect the work of James Langford that much more.
the shot didn't turn out that great either due to my exploration of the cams manual features..
If viewed with anything smaller than 1280x960 the pic will appear grainy, as many of these may..
I edit with a setting of 1600x1200 which hides such blemishes,
and I forget that some ppl don't use a setting this high..

3 hrs and 100+ shots = 1 capture

..............................t h e . e n d


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A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! i like the one before the lightning the gritty.
lightning shots are...tricky, to say the least. we haven't had a storm here in a while, probably a good thing since i should be doing other things w/my time.


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The skyline photos would be cool if it weren't for the radio tower in the way. :/

jive turkey
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MattSal* ;)
The Great Hizzy!
Westin Peachtree

thanks very much every one... I'm sorry this reply is so late... this wireless connection is screwin' me... more to come..

btw: mancuso; yes sir, thats my place ;)

btw: LSyd; otherthings? like what? ;)
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