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Where do you all go on your daily SSC visits? What's your daily SSC rundown?

Here's mine..

- Mod forum, check out if there's any requests or problems to be taken care of and get the scoop on what's happening of course.

- NYC forum, I read everything. Then come back later on to reply or make new threads.

- Rest of North American forums, I moderate NASF so I check to see if there's any problems or things to be cared for.

- World forums, starting with the skybar, then construction updates working my way down but skipping the infrastructure forums.

- Last is the fun stuff like the photoshop contests, UPC, Superpolis.

How about you?

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News and Developments
Construction Updates
Skyscrapers, Structures and Architecture
Rate Our Talls - Top 100 | Skylines
Citytalk and Urban Issues
City vs. City
Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
-Occasionally UPC
Hong Kong
UK Skybar

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Oooh good thread!

1. Eastern Europe section
·Eask Sky Cafe
·Your Cities
·Your Photos
2. Domul Ludicrous Maximus
3. Skybar
·In the News
4. Guess the City
5. Urban Photo Contest
6. Infrastructure and Mobility
·Subways and urban transport
7. About the forums
8. New York City forums

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good idea.
I open everything in new tabs and go along.
So it's
1. Superpolis => not much anyway right now
2. Mod Forums for my daily dose of gossip :p
3. NYC
4. Euroscrapers, mostly DML and EE => as much as I can since I moderate it
5. Forum Francophone
Then when I'm done I browse around here and there
6. Guess the City
7. UPCs here and there; as well as the Photoshop contest
8. World Forums construction and projects
9. Whatever gets my mind, though I do like the UK section, that place is gaga!
But I have to admit, there are certain key words that get my attention, so there are many threads I honestly don't visit at all, even if they get over 100 replies...
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