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Dalian, a seaside city, more like 70 pics

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it should be a model of Chinese cities
Dalian should really move that container port in front to somewhere more remote and make the old docklands into like a harbourfront promenade.
Gorgeous, phenomenal, fabulous- one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks for the pics. :)
Dalian is probably the only Chinese city that doesnt look third-wordly, not saying it's rich or people of dalian have high living standards, but at least it's very clean, green and it's nicely planned.

actually i think many japanese should be familiar with this city, it was opend as a trading port after China lost the Sino-Japanese war. In the old maps Dalian is still called Daren which is the Japanese pronouciation for the Chinese name. but i dont know if Japan had any influence on how the city was planned.
in japanese dalian is called Dairen, it also was called Dalny when russians occupied it. BTW i think nowadays the infulence on Dalian city planning from japan and russia had vanished when reformation and open covered Dalian, but Dalian has many economic relations with japan now, especially IT and manufacture, and japanese is very popular there.
Very Faaast development!!
Hidden Dragon,Handsome

whoa, how beautiful~~ thanks for your supplements :applause: ^_^
One of my favorites. Really nice city, beautiful pictures. Thanks a lot!
Shanghai has a lot of sisters, and they look like one another..........
I don't think Dalian was anything special until the 90's when the mayor advocated a complete teardown and rebuild thereby making everything clean and modern. I watched a CCTV program on the city and before the revitilization, it looked like any city in the northern rust belt, just with a pretty natural surrounding. It was heavily militarized before then as it was equipped to deal with a Soviet invasion of northern China and is also close to North Korea.

I think any major Chinese city is far from third world, the infrastructure, transportation, architecture are all interesting and rapidly improving. I think Xiamen, Zhuhai, Haikou, and other SEZ's set up in the 80's match up to Dalian in terms of beauty and quality.

What is this? A shopping centre?
I think it's a exhibition center.
raymond_tung88 said:

What is this? A shopping centre?
21 - 40 of 42 Posts
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