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DALIAN | Public Transport

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Location: northeast China, Liaoning province
Population: 6 million

Dalian's tram, whose rail was first built in 1908, is part of this city's history.

here are some pics taken by 食草動物 on 4-6-2006

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holy shit!!! another reason why dalian is so similar to san francisco
kbboy said:
you can see more (old and new) asian trams here

David, could u post these pics there ?
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Delian trams are very delightfull.david can you post these also here?
heritage tram lines
davidwei01, 有轨电车 is tram, 无轨电车 is trolleybus, 它们是不同的. ;)
hkth said:
davidwei01, 有轨电车 is tram, 无轨电车 is trolleybus, 它们是不同的. ;)
just knew it. thanks!
Now THAT'S a solid BRT
Great stuff, Johannesburg will also be implemeting its BRT in 2009 and its BRT will be based on the one in Bogota, Colombia.
its kinda odd seeing these kinda systems, i guess im use to seeing buses part of the traffic and the road but not seperated.
Is there a single map showing the rapid rail line (UrbanRail now has a page for it), the Translohr line, and the BRT line?
This is a very good thread, but has very low information –

I Live in Kolkata (old name was Calcutta), and my city is running electric tram since 1902, which is Asia’s oldest operating electric tram, & metro since 1984, which is India’s first metro.

Dalian (old name was Darien) also has similarities with Kolkata, it is running electric tram since 1909, and metro (someone wrongly says light rail) since 2005.

Both cities are running tram continuously, overcoming periodical threats of closure. At one place, Dalian is far ahead. Although its tram network is far less than Kolkata, but it maintains all routes, where Kolkata closed many routes.

Mainly for these reasons, I’m very much interested about Dalian’s tram & metro. So my request is –
1) Please include here a complete map of Dalian’s tramway network, with interchanges for subway.
2) Can anybody write which year those routes were opened? Write routes year by year.
3) Is there any route planned? If yes, please write details.

Waiting for reply eagerly.
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Here you'll find two photos of Dalian trolleys:
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