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2601 Victory Avenue

2601 Victory Avenue is a 350,000 sf office building with ground floor retail adjacent to a new DART plaza. The building design includes an offset building core that allows dynamic flexibility on the 31,200 sf. ft. floor plates. The 12-story brick and steel building includes 3 per 1,000 parking. 2601 Victory Ave. is the first building of a contiguous 8.4 acre urban office campus with up to 2 million square feet of density rights. The building is currently in design and pre-leasing and is a development of Hillwood Urban.
Hillwood Urban

The Perot company, Hillwood Urban, has been keeping a teaser on its website since April about a 12-story office tower project in Victory Park. However, the company has been focusing most of its attention this year on completing office campuses on Turtle Creek Boulevard and in Las Colinas.

What we do know is that the Victory Park project will be joined along its south and west walls by a 445,000-square-foot, seven-story parking garage, and that the two new structures will be across Victory Avenue from the west facade of American Airlines Center. The area of the building dedicated to office use will contain 347,000 square feet. It seems odd that the area for an office building would be smaller than the space dedicated for parking, but this land was originally a surface parking lot adjacent to the arena. Facing Victory Avenue, the tower will have 13,500 square feet of retail spaces.

Hillwood Urban has done a number of projects in Victory Park, including The House Condos, a 28-story high-rise at 2200 Victory Ave.

So are they going to build something or sit on the pot for the rest of the cycle?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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