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Fair Park * Dallas...

For years FP has served this city well.. Events and venues such as, The Texas State Fair, The Cotton Bowl, The Dallas Opera,
The CocaCola Starplex (now smirnoff), as well as many of our cities museums..
The Dallas Museum of Natural History, The Science Place,
The African American Arts Museum, The Women's Museum, and my favorite, the Imax..(and much more)
Many who grew up in the DFW have memories of visiting here on at least one field trip thru grade school....
For some this may be your only link to the park..

Today, I'm lucky enough to live within a stones throw of this gem..
Oddly enough I've been here for years and have never "gotten" around to visiting.. ..this is no longer the case..
Over the past 4 days I've visited FP 6 times, and had a blast each time..
Anyway..if you're still reading this I'm sure you're ready for me to stifle the yakkity yak yak and get down to brass tacks..
So here ya go.. Fair Park, Dallas Texas.. Enjoy ;)


The first image is the only one of its size..1280 x 960
All other images are resized to a laptop friendly 1024x768..
All but the panos're pretty much SOL there..
Hi-res files available for personal use upon request..


Hope you enjoyed them.. More Fair Park to come..;)

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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