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Big doin's in the Big D!


For $600 million, developer proposes garage, ‘fancy’ grocery and two 70-story residential towers for Pacific Plaza

Turkish developer Mukemmel “Mike” Sarimsakci, who’s overseeing the redo of 211 N. Ervay, is behind a second Pacific Plaza that would include underground parking (with room enough for about 1,855 cars, plus or minus a bunch), two residential skyscrapers at least 70 stories tall and high-end retail with a grocery store imported from Eatly. There would also be a park, of course, though city officials say they’re concerned Sarimsakci’s proposal eats into the hoped-for green space.
Park Board split over whether Dallas or a developer should pay for ‘top priority’ Pacific Plaza in downtown

There are, for now, three proposals to develop the long-proposed three-acre Pacific Plaza park on what’s currently a 300-or-so spot downtown Dallas parking lot bound by North St. Paul, Live Oak and North Harwood streets. Developer Shawn Todd has a $100-million plan that includes a sprawling eight-level parking structure stretching over Pacific Avenue. Mukemmel “Mike” Sarimsakci’s $600-million proposal calls for planting two massive towers on the proposed park. And former Dallas City Council member Ron Natinsky wants to bury a mechanical parking garage beneath the park, at a price tag not yet made public.
Renderings of the proposed buildings on the left side of picture
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