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DAMAC Tower | Nine Elms | 168m | 50 fl

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Make architects have submitted this design for a 42-floor tower on Bondway in Vauxhall. (How did we miss it?)

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oh good, it's coming out. i've been blathering on about this for a while :) 149.5 metres tall.
Looks pretty monumental as well!
Subtle. Understated. :nuts:

Erm... Really not sure what to make of this yet.

Any renders on the planning portal? (Sound of virtual rummaging)

...damn thing won't behave for me. Didn't seem to be any views on there anyway curiously. Anyone able to post something else shiny?
Gosh! This is very wide isn't it? I like the narrower elevation, but its almost a pyramid from the wide side. I suppose its safe to assume this is a result of the architects trying to fit a lot of space into a building that has been capped at a certain height by one or more of the usual suspects during consultation.
Still, I like MAKE's work, so I'm interested to see more.
I hope this isn't the Vauhall Cross site, I loved the old proposal.

This... Well it looks great from the side on, but the bigger elevations aren't too good. Luckily it's MAKE so it should turn out well. Hopefully.
Woah, this will be one huge monster, like it :cheers:
It's like the bastard child of the Pinnacle and Heron Quays.. It almost looks like it was the same shape as the Pinnacle, but then they 'unrolled' its crown out flat and then concertinaed the whole thing into a new shape.. I think its just a bit too wide for my liking :|
just a quick reminder for us, what happened to the old project, why didn't it go ahead?
ok so it's not the vauxhall cross island site?

is it number 3 then on this diagram?
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Well, the design is fairly interesting - now, this sort of thing wouldn't look too out of place in the Docklands cluster, maybe Wood Wharf could have something like this instead of bland boxes?
I've added it to the Summary. That's 19 projects over 150m. :)
ok so it's not the vauxhall cross island site?

is it number 3 then on this diagram?
My mistake - it's just across the road..(I forgot Bondway continues south across Parry Street)

So Parry St runs across the north part of the site - th e Vauxhall Cross Island site can be seen top left,

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I've added it to the Summary. That's 19 projects over 150m.
except it's 149.5m
Looks like its around 70m wide. Good job the North elevation is the one facing Westminster.

This is going to be one area to watch over the next 5-10 years with some big plans in the pipeline.

Popped along to the BPS yesterday & one of the guys there said Ballymore & Investate should be submitting their plans this year as well.

If I was St George I would getting cracking with their tower before the competition picks up.
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It would seem MAKE took over from Alan Camp Architects who were working on this 43 & 30fl scheme.

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What a monster building, I would of prefered something that didn't have the random cladding treatment. Quiet interesting massing though.
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