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the Danube river is the most important river in Europe it gives life to almost all europe...
Dunaj, Duna, Dunav, Dunărea, Дунав all is the names of one artery that gives water to almost every country in EE..
Its 2850 km long ,it crosses many EE European cities such budapest,Bratislava,Belgrade...etc
It has many tributaries :
Morava - Leitha - Váh (entering at Komárno) - Hron - Ipel - Sió - Dráva - Vuka - Tisza - Sava (entering at Belgrade) - Timiş - Velika Morava - Caraş - Jiu - Iskar - Olt - Vedea - Argeş - Ialomiţa - Siret - Prut.
Cities wich Danube cross :
Bratislava - capital of Slovakia
-Komárno - Slovakia
Komárom - Hungary
Štúrovo - Slovakia
Esztergom - Hungary
Visegrád - Hungary
Budapest - capital of Hungary
Baja - Hungary
Vukovar - Croatia
Bačka Palanka - city in Serbian province of Vojvodina
Novi Sad - capital of the Serbian province of Vojvodina
Belgrade - the capital of Serbia
Smederevo - Serbia
Drobeta-Turnu Severin - Romania
Moldova Nouă - Romania
Orşova - Romania
Vidin - Bulgaria
Lom - Bulgaria
Oryahovo - Bulgaria
Nikopol - Bulgaria
Svishtov - Bulgaria
Rousse - Bulgaria
Silistra - Bulgaria
Calafat - Romania
Corabia - Romania
Turnu Măgurele - Romania
Zimnicea - Romania
Giurgiu - Romania
Olteniţa - Romania
Călăraşi - Romania
Feteşti - Romania
Cernavodă - Romania
Hârşova - Romania
Brăila - Romania
Galaţi - Romania
Tulcea - Romania
Sulina - Romania
Izmail - Ukraine
There are many dams on Danube but the most important(i think) is the Iron Gates Dams
Here is some pics of danube in romania


Cernavoda Danube Black sea canal


Iron Gate Dam

Iron Gare Area

Near Orsova

And Danube delta


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Galati is a big city, perhaps 250.000-300.000. Nothing is so strange about that. And besides, it's near the Black Sea so that big sea ships can enter its port...

BTW, I've read about a plan that commies had...they wanted to build two huge water electricity plants near Nikopol and Svishtov (and the respective Romanian towns, whose names I can't remember)...together with a project to deepen the Danube river by digging. The side results was really bizarre: the sea ships would be able to reach ports which are in Western Bulgaria....and it was estimated that the Black Sea, given the highly lowered influx of fresh water from Danube river would eventually turn as salty as the Mediteranian Sea in about 200-300 years, provided the fact that those plants and dams continue to function.

Besides, I've read about plans of Causescu to build a channel between Bucuresti and Danube and turn Bucuresti into a river port (lol)...and also about a plan of Zhivkov to build a channel between Ruse and Varna so that ships could bypass the Danube Delta (it was a highly disputed plan between Zhivkov and Causescu, so Zhivkov abandoned the plan for political reasons...just like Causescu dropped the idea for his Bucuresti channel)..

The commies were sometimes very megalomaniac...

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galati is a very important romanian industrial city(Mittal steel have a factory there)
the pop.298,941 accurding to wikipedia
and about the bucuresti-black sea canal the project is still running and they are thinking to finish it..actually i think they start to do that!

dRusenec :)
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Hm, what's the point? The channels' capacity is usually would be much better if they constructed an intermodal terminal and a Giurgiu port expansion I think...

Basarabia e Romania
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The Danube-Bucharest Canal is a 73 kilometre-long canal project that is supposed to link Bucharest, Romania to the Danube via Argeş River.
In February 1990, the building of the canal was stopped, although it was 60% ready. Currently, just the dam at Mihăileşti and the micro-hydro plant are functional. In 1997, Traian Băsescu, who was Minister of Transports at the time, announced that the finalizing of the canal requires about 400 million dollars and four years, but the financing was not found at the time. In 2005, Adriean Videanu, the mayor of Bucharest announced that he intends to finish the work. Danube-Bucharest .

It may be finished ... it seems that CityHall wants to attract investors
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