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Darling Island, Pyrmont

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One of the big developments on the Pyrmont Peninsula in Sydney over the past 3-4 years has been the redevelopment of the 4.9 ha Darling Island precient.

The area was originally an island and was levelled during the 19th century begining in the 1830's. Originally it was linked to the mainland by mudflats. Wharves were built and was a location for trade, shipmaking and cruise ships.

Like the rest of the docks in Darling Harbour and East Darling Harbour (Barangaroo), containerisation led to the demise of the wharves in the 1970's and 1980's.

It's undergone renewal with office blocks and apartment blocks occupying the site along with parkland with great views of the harbour. It is also the home of Fairfax Media.

Old Naval Stores Building

New office tower due for completion early next year

Located opposite Star City

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What I have noticed with some of the newly established harbourside parks is that there are few facilities. No playgrounds for kids or picnic areas with BBQ's. If you added those it would certainly bring in some people.
some construction shots of earlier stages between 2004-2006

Took these at Barangaroo yesterday

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