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Datça, Muğla

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About Datca

The Datca Peninsula provides a natural boundary between the Aegean Sea,the Gulf of Gokova to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Hisarnonu to the south. Along all the 75 km from Marmaris to Datca,the road winds among trees and hills, permitting lovely views over the expanse of blue. Campers have many perfect settings to choose from; the less adventurous can stay in one of the many comfortable holiday villages. 25 km to Datca is the beautiful Aktur beach. In Datca white-washed buldings hung with bougainvillaea decorate the town.

The marina is on the southern bay; while swimmers prefer the northern bay. Around the marina bars,cafes and a wide selection of shops keep the tourist interested.Some shops remain open well into the evening. Relaxing over a pre-dinner drink and then a delicious meal in a welcoming restaurant is a popular way to spend the evening hours.Of course, the local eateries offer both fresh fish and classical Turkish cuisine.

With any remaining energy,take a stroll and find a disco to your liking to while away until the early morning hours. 10 km north of Datca, the Kormen Harbor is connected to Bodrum by a daily ferry line.As you travel Out of Datca, either by road or by boat, you will find unspoilt bays and golden sandy beaches. Kargi is one of the most popular.

At the end of the peninsula (38 km from Datca) stands the ancient Carian city of Knidos, described by Strabo as "a city that was built for the most beautiful of goddesses,Aphrodite, on the most beautiful of peninsulas." Famous as a center of art and culture in the fourth century B.C. the city had two harbors: one on the Aegean and the other on the Mediterranean. The remains of a circular temple dedicated to the goddess of love overlook the two harbors; the arcaded way was built of white marble, heart shaped columns. The legendary Aphrodite of Praxiteles statue,one of the most beautiful sculptures of antiquity,once graced this temple.

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Datça is a really beatiful place, very clean sea, not too much crowded, not too much tourists who have never seen any mediterrenian culture, beach or sea before;)
very good town for Turkish tourists:)
Datça gerçekten muhteşem bir yer. Daha mass tourism ile karşılaşmamış, sakin, huzurlu bir yer. Çok güzel doğası ve koyları var. benim en son favorilerimden! ;)
simdi oralarda olmak vardi.
Looks like a calm and quiet place.
Ahhh ah Koycegiz golunde yuzup sonra da havlumu orlarda unutmam geldi aklima.. Kimbilir ne oldu o havlunun akibeti.. Tekne turu yapmistik orlarda, pek de keyifli gecmisti.. Yeniden donmek arzusuyla Datca'yi selamlarim!
Knidos (Tekir)-Datca

The antique city of Knidos on the tip of the peninsula was founded in the 4th century BC. It averted the assault of the Persians and faced the armies of Alexander the Great before it was occupied by the Roman Empire to be incorporated into its Eastern provinces. It was abandoned in the 7th century BC partly due to threat of earthquake

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When Geroplatanos openned Symi thread, I wanted to update this Datça thread... Gero already told the reason :)
Identical to the Greek islands in beauty!
Datca and around

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Tatilde bi kaç resim çektim de paylaşayım dedim

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