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Rønne is the largest town on the beautiful island of Bornholm, Denmark in the Baltic Sea.
The weather wasn't as nice as it could be (mostly overcast), but at least it wasn't raining.

Bornholm can be seen to the right in this map from Wikipedia.

Rønne is by no means a large city (only around 14,000 inhabitants), but during the summer
there are many tourists from mostly Denmark, Sweden and Germany, and they make Rønne feel much
bigger than it actually is.

When you arrive to Rønne by ferry you have a very nice view of the town.

From the street Storegade.

Nice old houses.

I found this old drawing of Storegade at my grandmother's house and wanted to see if I could
find the same location.

I managed to find it, and today the view is a little different.

The Grand Square of Rønne.

The white building was once the town hall and a police station. The yellow building next to it
is a movie theater.

The street Stengade.

The street Søndergade.

Palæcaféen (The Mansion Café) where many of the young people go to party on the weekends.

During WWII Bornholm was occupied by the Germans like the rest of Denmark. The Russians
decided to bomb the town of Rønne, which caused a lot of people to become homeless. After the
war, the neutral Swedes came to the rescue with standard, wooden houses, which could be
erected fast. They can still be seen today.

The landmark of Rønne is Saint Nicolai Church (a.k.a. Rønne Church).

The street Havnebakken with the lighthouse.

The ferries to Bornholm are operated by Bornholmstrafikken.
Currently, there are four.

Villum Clausen is the fast ferry used on the Ystad, Sweden - Rønne, Denmark route.

During the delivery voyage, Villum Clausen established a new record for the longest distance
travelled by a ship in 24 hours.

The interior of the boat is quite nice and modern.

Villum Clausen takes around 186 cars, quite impressive I would say.

There is also a bigger, slower ferry sailing the same route, namely Povl Anker. I don't have
any pictures of it here.

The route to Copenhagen from Rønne was recently moved to the town of Køge south of Copenhagen.
This route uses the bigger and slower ferries like Hammerodde (shown here) and Dueodde named
after places on Bornholm. This trip takes 6½ hours. Hammerodde and Dueodde are 125 m. long.

It's faster to take the train from Copenhagen to Ystad and then take the fast ferry. Then the
whole trip can be made in about three hours. You can, of course, also fly from Copenhagen to
Bornholm. That trip takes less than an hour.

We say goodbye to Rønne with this picture.

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Great photos as usual DD! :cheers2:

Rønne looks like a nice, "cute" little town! In your photos it looks a lot bigger than what it really is :)

It sucks that you couldn't visit the rest of Bornholm.. it really has a lot to offer, nature-wise (atleast compared to the rest of DK...) :)

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@DLL_4ever: Thanks! Yes, I know. I have family over there, so I've been to Bornholm many times in my life, and will certainly go there again.

@Mr_Denmark: Thanks you! Yes, as I told NorthStar77 a while back, the last six months have been crazy! Rønne (and Bornholm for that matter) is by far best to visit during summer where it's full of life. And yes, I can attest to the fact that the nightlife is not bad at all.

@wolkenkrabber: Thank you.

@Moolio: Thanks, that's my favorite too. :) Just needed a little blue sky....

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^^ Thanks, sander. Yes, it's a pleasant town, but as I said before, definitely more insteresting when it's summer. About 3,000 houses in Rønne out of 3,400 were damaged or even completely destroyed by the bombings.

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My God what a precious pearl that island is. I've seen a lot of documentaries about this island and I can't stop to be amazed!

Good old Burgundarholm!!

It's just so damn nice. :)

By the way, I love their dialect "Bornholmska" it sounds incredibly very similar to the dialects of southern Sweden. :yes:
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